Your Phone May Be Damaging Your Skin

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Let’s face it. Today, due to the popularity of social media and surfing the web; tech giants out doing themselves with the constant launch of the latest and greatest new cellphone; streaming videos now becoming today’s cable; and convienent shopping at our fingertips anytime of the day (via our portable computers we call “smartphones”), we all have increased the use of our phones over the years. While the last thing the internet needs right now is another diatribe condemning our dependence on technology, once talk about our phone’s affects on our skin health comes into the picture, we find it prudent to get involved. Your phone could very well be conspiring against you on your journey to clear, glowing skin – read on to learn how.

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It’s a Breeding Ground for Acne Causing Bacteria

Studies have shown that the average American checks their phone roughly once every 12 minutes, and average of 80 times per day. Some people check their screens over 300 times a day. Where does all of this phone checking take place? Literally everywhere. While you’re pumping gas, eating your lunch, on vacation, or yes – even in the ladies’ room. This around the clock dilly dallying makes our phones a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. These mischievous bacteria make their way from the gas pump, to our finger tips, to our screens, to our faces – the final frontier. It’s no wonder then, why Scientists at the University of Arizona claim that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This gathering of germs can lead to a bevvy of viral infections, as well as breakouts. The oils and bacteria that make a home of your phone’s screen mingle and make plans to meet up on your face when you take your next call, clogging your pores and causing congestion that leads to pesky blemishes.

Phone Damage Skin
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It Emanates “Blue Light”

The “blue light” emanating from our phones falls somewhere between UV rays (the ones that come from the sun and cause skin damage), and infrared rays (the kind that come from pure heat and can also cause skin damage). While blue light isn’t as dangerous as the sun’s UV rays, studies are beginning to show that there may be a link between exposure to blue light to increased pigmentation in skin, which could mean too much phone time could exacerbate hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin. While the studies are still being conducted and theories need some more ironing out, there have been some studies revealing that blue light gives off infrared radiation, which could lead to increased exposure to free radicals which as we’ve covered before, cause premature aging – wrinkles, dark spots, the whole lot.

Skin Damage from Phone
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It Disrupts Your Sleep

That blue light we just covered? It could be throwing off your sleep cycle. The blue light emanating from your devices is keeping you from getting that deep sleep you crave. And we all know what a lack of rest will do to your complexion. Sleep is your skin’s time to regenerate itself, after all and if cut short, the effects are likely to show themselves on your skin. Skin deprived of much needed sleep tends to look dull, sallow and lack the radiant glow we all lather on the products to achieve. Do we even need to mention the puffy under eyes and dark circles? We think not.

What to do? For starters, sterilize your phone as often as possible. Tech sanitizing wipes, although criminally underutilized, do in fact exist and can be found at most tech or general stores. When it comes to the nebulous blue light, there are screen adhering filters you can put on your phones, but the easier, more cost effective approach would be to simply cut down on your tech time altogether. Instead of scrolling through your preferred social media application before bedtime, try reading or practicing some night time yoga to bring on the Zen.  The claims that your phone is the root of all stress are a dime a dozen, so we’ll refrain from preaching the same. We will say however, that cutting down on your phone time can’t hurt, and it most definitely will help your skin. Cheers to your healthy skin!

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