Your Perfect Self Care Habit, Based on Your Enneagram Type

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If you love taking personality tests, then it’s time to take the Enneagram test. The Enneagram test includes nine interconnected personality types, designed to help you have a stronger sense of self-knowledge. The Enneagram can not only help you understand why you do the things that you do, but it can also help you become a better person based on your current struggles.

The nine Enneagram types include The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger and the Peacemaker. Each Enneagram also has a dominant “wing,” whichever type adjacent to your own is most dominant. In theory, you should possess traits of each of the nine types, but these two will be your most prominent based on your personality.

Once you have a grasp on the Enneagram, you can know what best soothes your soul. From here, follow this guide to discover which self care habit is perfect for you to practice, based on your Enneagram type.

Type One: The Reformer

Type Ones, it’s time to get creative and let go. All of this time at home has probably had you cleaning every corner of your home and checking off all the possible things on your neverending checklist. You crave structure and accomplishments, as you are a hard worker, by nature. Give your mind and soul a chance to breathe by finding activities that have minimal pressure, such as dancing, painting, writing, or baking simple treats.

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Type Two: The Helper

Type Twos, it’s time to focus on you. Your heart for others can drain you at the end of the day, and you can’t pour from an empty cup. For Twos, there are two self-care practices that could make a major difference in your wellbeing. First, nourish yourself by preparing easy meals, whether it be overnight oats or an easy dinner you can fix in minutes. Then, take some time just for yourself by watching a lighthearted movie, journaling, or doing yoga.

Type Three: The Achiever

Type Threes, take a step back. You are always on the go, achieving your goals at a fast pace. For now, take some time out of your day to simply breathe and be present. You don’t always have to be working, you deserve time just for you. To better focus on self care, taking some extra time to focus on breathwork, meditation, yoga, or even taking a well-deserved nap.

Type Four: The Individualist

Types Fours, make sure you’re feeling grounded and centered. Especially with so much chaos in the world, you can easily slip into being an avid daydreamer. Getting lost in your head is a daily occurrence. Ground yourself by spending more time in nature, going on walks, and keeping a daily gratitude journal.

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Type Five: The Investigator

Type Fives, hone in to your emotions. As an objective, observational person, it can be challenging for you to not only express your emotions, but feel them in the first place. Try practices that would help you better connect to your heart like meditation, music, or energy practices.

Type Six: The Loyalist

Type Sixes, build up your confidence and trust the process. As someone who is deeply suspicious and avoidant, you often worry about the future and can stay reserved. Try a challenging, empowering workout session. Not only will this get the endorphins going, but it’ll make you feel strong, confident, and accomplished.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Type Sevens, set a routine. Your spontaneous soul is what makes you the life of the party, but it can also cause unnecessary chaos in your life. Take your scattered pieces and join them together, crafting a semi-regular schedule. Even small habits that you practice routinely, like a bedtime or set workout time, can help calm your mind and soul.

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Type Eight: The Challenger

Type Eights, your protective nature might have led you to feeling a bit too defensive and controlling lately. To resolve this, take some serious time to unwind and unplug. Allow yourself to be vulnerable over a cup of coffee with a friend, or indulge in a long, luxurious bubble bath. Giving your mind a chance to pause can help you strengthen your relationships as well as your own self-love habits.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type Nines, your patience can be what’s keeping you stagnant. You’re so afraid of change that you never leave your comfort zone. Try an activity that will make you feel excited and energetic, whether it be as simple as working out or as out-of-the-box as rock climbing or skydiving. No matter the rush, it will be good for your soul to experience something new. Self care is a crucial practice, no matter who you are. Use this guide to get a taste of what your next self care practice should include.

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