Your Perfect Morning Routine, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Woman stretching outdoors before working out.

As if morning weren’t rough before, they’re especially hard now. With little to no structure in our days, due to COVID-19, it can be tempting to sleep as late as possible (and do as little as possible). While rest days are important, it’s also good to maintain an uplifting morning routine during these times.

If you’re looking for some ways to indulge in your current morning routine, then find your zodiac sign below and seize the day!

Aries – Exercise/Yoga

As an Aries, you are full of energy and drive. The best thing to do in the morning is get in an intense workout or yoga session, getting your body ready for the day. Working out will help you feel grounded and uplifted as you start your day.

Taurus – Stay unplugged

You’re an extremely patient person by nature, so give the world some time to wait. When you wake up, avoid checking your phone or laptop and simply embrace some peaceful, slow, quiet time for yourself.

Gemini – Get moving

You’re extremely go-with-the-flow, but that means you have to keep going, or you’ll just keep hitting snooze. Grab your coffee, catch up on emails, and start your day as soon as you can.

Cancer – Hop in the shower

You thrive off of structure and order, so a shower is the perfect way to start your day. Give yourself a clean (pun intended) slate, plan out your day, and keep moving.

Listening to music with headphones on while tending to laptop.
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Leo – Put on your favorite playlist

Leos are extremely creative and expressive people, so use this time to express yourself through music. Turn on your favorite uplifting playlist to jam out to as you get ready for your day.

Virgo – Make your to-do list

You’re all about perfectionism and organization, so don’t miss anything you’re meant to do. Write out a detailed to-do list at the start of the day and be satisfied with each tick.

Libra – Do a face mask

Balance and self-care are a must for you. Take your time in the mornings, giving yourself time to indulge in your skincare routine with a nice, gentle face mask.

Scorpio – Go for a run

You are extremely driven and active, so going for a run is the perfect way to start your day. You can put on your favorite news podcast as you run, catching up on anything you could have possibly missed in those eight hours of sleep.

Sagittarius – Try a new recipe

You’re all about spontaneity and adventure, but that’s not always feasible first thing in the morning. Instead, hop on Pinterest and try a new breakfast or coffee recipe to start your day with something new.

Messy bed in a room in with good lighting conditions
Photo by Taryn Elliott

Capricorn – Declutter

You can’t function if your life is full of mess. To keep your head clear, clean your space at the start of the day and keep it tidy to stay productive.

Aquarius – Stretching & yoga

You likely forget to stay in touch with your body, especially lately. To resolve this, spend about half an hour doing some gentle, mindful stretching and yoga to center yourself.

Pisces – Give yourself plenty of time

You’re one to hit snooze as many times as possible, but you wouldn’t be caught dead being late. Give yourself plenty of time in the morning by setting your alarm earlier than you need to, giving yourself time to simply rest in bed and relax.

Pick and choose from your chart to find the morning routine best suited for you, and you’ll soon enjoy the best mornings yet.

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