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Ever felt conflicted by your desire for physical and mental wellness and your need for a glass of merlot after a long, trying day?  We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to. Enter the latest craze in wellness and travel: Yoga and Wine Retreats. Yes, these high-end wellness excursions are exactly what you think they are: 3-5 day retreats to exotic, ultra-private locale, dedicated to relaxation, mindfulness, and yoga, with each day ending with an exclusive wine tasting. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? While they may all converge on the basis of their love for wine and triangle pose, not all wine and yoga retreats are created equal. That’s why we did the research and are ready to share our favorites. Have any yoga and wine treats your bucket list? Spread the zen and share them with us in the comments.

Photo by: Finger Lakes Yogascapes

Finger Lakes Yogascapes – Ithaca NY

Commonly known as Flyscapes, this women-only wellness retreat prides itself on sharing with its guests the joys of nature, of letting go, and channeling their inner power to find peace. The organization’s Glamping and Yoga Retreat includes 3 nature filled days and two nights of luxury camping in the forests of upstate New York. Guests are treated to restorative yoga classes daily, are taken on guided waterfall hikes and nature trails, attend introspective workshops, and (our favorite part) are treated to a glass of locally made wine each evening under the stars. Now if that doesn’t sound like the ideal place to find yourself than we don’t know what will.

Photo By: Umbria Luxury Yoga Retreat

Umbria Luxury Yoga Retreat – Umbria, Italy

Known for putting together luxurious yoga-centric retreats, Exotic Yoga Retreats has outdone itself with their 5 day Umbrian Wine and Yoga retreat. Guests will stay in boutique villas nestled in Italy’s countryside, and partake in daily restorative yoga workshops at sunrise and sunset. Each evening’s yoga practice will be followed by a four-course dinner with unique wine pairings as you overlook the Italian countryside’s postcard-worthy scenery. While mornings and evenings are spent working on backwards bends and Pranayama, guests are free to explore the grounds each afternoon and get a taste of la dolce vita – a deep tissue massage, lounging by the pool, a stroll through the garden – you name it.

Photo By: Sagrada Wellness’s Yoga & Wine Retreat

Sagrada Wellness’s Yoga & Wine Retreat – Santa Margarita, CA

A charming ranch tucked in 45 acres of mountainous Central Californian wine country, the Sagrada Wellness Center has become a hub of boutique Yoga experiences. One of their most sought after retreats, Sagrada’s Yoga and Wine retreat entails 4 days and 3 nights of guided meditations, yoga practices, local wine tastings, and reflective time on spent walking and hiking their private grounds, soaking in their salt water pools, or getting acupuncture treatments on-site.  Bonus: The estate is a 100% sustainable, and eco-friendly operation, serving only local and organic food and drink and working with as little impact as possible. Sagrada is also a great place to unplug (if you’re serious about it) since there is zero internet connection on-site.

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