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Mornings can be rough, weeks can drag, and the weekends fly by. So when do you find time to treat yourself? If you’re us, you work overtime strategizing ways to work a little bit of self-care into your everyday life. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Facial While You Shower

Nix the painful extractions and the hefty price tag, this morning-hack will leave you glowing and ready to take on the day.  To get started, bump up the heat in the shower (not too much) to generate some sauna level steam. Then, grab your favorite cleanser and apply it all over your face, neck and décolletage. Let the cleanser hang-out on your skin as long as you possibly can without being late to work – this is a great opportunity to multitask and wash the rest of your body, shave your legs, you get the idea. Giving that cleanser the time to sit and marinate on your skin may seem small, but the rewards are plenty once you’ve rinsed at the end of your shower. As opposed to haphazardly slapping the product on and immediately rinsing during your morning daze, letting your cleanser’s ingredients work their magic will feel like the ultimate treat.

Mist While You Work

Scan the desks in the Intoxicating Beauty headquarters and you’ll be sure to find face mists – lots and lots of face mists. Why? Because a face mist is the ultimate pick me up. They hydrate and tone the skin, freshen up your makeup, and (if you’ve caught a bout of mid-day drowsiness) wake you up. Find one with the healing, mood-lifting powers of essential oils, and you’ll be transported to a high-end spa without leaving your office. Genius.

Facial Massage While You Apply

The hum drum nature of our routines can get a bit old, we know – and even the most beauty obsessed can feel this way from time to time about their own beauty regimens. A great way to work a little luxury into your lifestyle, though, is right at your finger tips. When applying your serums, moisturizers and oils, treat yourself to a facial massage! Facial massages are a great way to stimulate circulation in the skin, and help lift and firm your complexion. This tip has been super helpful in upping our facial massage skills, and if you want to take things up a notch you can opt for a jade roller to get things going.

The lesson here today is: you don’t have to break the bank each time to add a little luxury to your everyday. Taking the extra time to tack these tips onto your routine is sure to give your days a little boost and help you feel your best.

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