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Whether it’s the eve of the job interview that could change it all, the night before a nerve wrecking company presentation or a high stakes business meeting – you’re going to want to press pause and read on. While everyone’s career aspirations and situations differ, and are subject to their own unique codes of conduct and dress, we’ve got some gems of wisdom to tone down the anxiety and help you feel like your best self before the big day.

DON’T Fixate on the Negative

It seems like a no-brainer, but the night before the main event is NOT the appropriate time to consider what will happen if everything goes awry. Instead of wondering what will happen if you don’t get the job, or if the client rejects your offer, or your presentation is a mess – get excited. Your chances of succeeding increase tenfold if you go in looking forward to the event as opposed to dreading it. Even if you may be dreading it deep down, then it’s time to tap into the sage advice of self-help gurus far and wide – fake it ‘til you make it. Think of things that can go right, and you will feel all the more capable for it.

DO Have Your Things Ready the Night Before

Your note cards, contracts, research, resume, samples – whatever it may be, have them printed and stored in a trusty but chic portfolio folder before you call it a night. Because printers can smell your fear and are personally invested in not being functional when you are at your most desperate, you’re going to want to have any and all necessary documents ready at your fingertips well before the day of. This goes for your outfit too, because there’s nothing worse than realizing your “go get ‘em” pencil skirt and “boss lady,” oxford blouse are at the cleaners and not in your wardrobe where they belong.

DON’T Try New Products

We couldn’t resist tagging in a little bit of beauty advice. As much as we love a fresh new serum or skin treatment, the night before your big day is not the time to gamble with your complexion. Instead of risking an adverse reaction, irritation or a breakout, give your skin what it knows, loves and appreciates. Your everyday cleanser and serums and your go-to face mask for an extra boost will do the trick and leave your skin looking as glowing as ever before your big day.

DO Rehearse and Research At Least Once

We know you, our loyal readers, believe in preparedness. There’s a very good chance you’ve already researched the company, client, product in question for your big work event. Consider this a healthy reminder. If you’re going to a job interview, have some solid questions prepared for your interviewer, know the company and have reliable answers ready. If it’s a presentation or meeting, force your partner, friend, or dog to watch you go over your central points, arguments, or pleas. You’ll feel more comfortable saying what you’ve rehearsed the next day, we guarantee it.

All in all, we hope you take it easy on the night before your big event. As long as you stay positive, do your homework and get prepared – you’ll be set. We know you can do it!

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