Winter Fashion Trends We Love

Winter 2018 Fashion Trends

Winter may be approaching fast, and we are all busy getting ready for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to skimp out on the looks we love. If you’re having trouble reconciling warmth vs. chic this season, we’re serving some fresh fashion inspiration to get you going. Let’s get intoxicated with the upcoming winter trends! Here are the top 3 fashion trends we’ll be sporting this season.

Woman Wearing Velvet
Photo by: garetsworkshop/Shutterstock


There are few things we love more than crushed velvet gowns, blouses, booties – anything velvet really. Not only is the fabric uber-plush and comfortable to boot, the rich jewel tones it often embodies always make for a fashion statement. Ideal for a head to toe holiday look, or in small doses via velvet-ized accessories, velvet is a sure-fire way to add texture and style to any look.

Woman Wearing Knitwear
Photo by: kiuikson/Shutterstock


Attention grabbing knitwear will forever hold a warm place in our hearts (need we remind you of the epic Lenny Kravitz scarf?). Whether it’s a brightly hued sweater, or an all-consuming turtleneck, statement knitwear is where comfort and high fashion converge. Wear a knit with your favorite trousers for an everyday look, or with a form fitting skirt to play up the billowing vs. structured dynamic.

Woman Wearing Beret
Photo by: Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock


Hats in the wintertime just feel right. Especially when berets are involved. We at IB love the Parisian chic moment that a beret provides, along with the way it seamlessly preserves a hair style. Bangs looking greasy? Beret. Hair getting swept into your lip gloss by gusty winter winds? Beret. Hair in need of a wash? Beret. You get the idea. While a beret may not provide the ear warmth, you’re looking for this season, you can always combine two trends in one by opting for a slouchy knit variety.

Between the holidays and the cooler weather, there’s no better time to experiment with your wardrobe than the winter season. And, when you’ve struck that sweet spot where practicality meets fashion forwardness, we want to hear about it! Tag us in your Instagram OOTD’s @intoxbeautybar.  Cheers!

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