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Wine Christmas Gift

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If you’re a wine lover, chances are you’ve received more than your fair share of glass charms and over-the-top aerators over the years. This holiday season, throw your fellow wine enthusiasts a curve ball by surprising them with a luxurious wine-related gift they’ll actually want to use. Here are our favorites.

Soapstone Bottle Cooler – $90

This hand chiseled bottle cooler is made from beautiful marbled soapstone that anyone (wine lover or not, if we’re being honest) will be more than happy to have in their homes. Practical as it is chic, this cooler is the perfect way to keep your favorite bottles cool during the summer time, and a stylish way to store a bottle during a gathering. The best part? When you’re not using it to cool wine, use it as a vase or other elevated storage device.

Zalto Glassware Set – $235

Glassware is a gift any wine lover is guaranteed to use, and this elegant set by Austrian designer, Zalto is no exception. Hand blown, sleek, and loved by sommeliers and distributors alike – these glasses have proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. Designed to capture the full and complex flavors and aromas of whatever wine variety you’re sipping on, these Zalto glasses are sure to keep you sipping in style.

Agate Cheese Board – $78

A wine accessory that doubles as décor, this Agate Cheese Board is sure to rake in the compliments. Not only does it make for an especially Instagram-able cheese plate, it’s a fun novelty (but not tacky) piece that any wine lover will love to bring out and share with guests. Wine and cheese nights will never be the same.

Ascot Vineyard Picnic Basket – $77.50

This Ascot Vineyard Picnic Basket has everything you could ever need to enjoy your favorite wines on-the-go. Whether you’re taking this basket to a music festival, the beach, central park, or the vineyards themselves, rest assured you’ll be the most stylish one in attendance. Built to carry two bottles (those aren’t included, unfortunately), and equipped with glassware, plates, a corkscrew, and flatware – you will want for nothing when you’ve got this basket by your side.

The Durand – $125

Know a seasoned wine collector? They need the Durand. Far from your average cork screw, the Durand is designed to pry even the most fragile, delicate corks from old vintage bottles. Gentle but firm, the Durand is loved by sommeliers around the world for its ability to remove corks cleanly and most importantly – in one piece, from mature bottles. A gift any wine collector will be happy to receive.

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