Wine and Cheese Pairings for Beginning Enthusiasts

wine and cheese pairings on picnic table

While we all love a good glass or two, finding the perfect cheese to compliment your favorite wine can be more than a little bit intimidating. Fortunately for you, we’ve simplified the art of wine and cheese pairing into three dependable duos that’ll make assembling your future cheese board a breeze. Remember these catchy couples and you’ll be the hit of wine and cheese nights or picnics on the beach to come.

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Soft and Sparkly – Bubbly & Brie

The carbonation of Champagne, sparkling wines and rosé sparkling wines offers a crisp, clean flavor that can only be matched by a decadently soft, creamy cheese like Brie. So, if you’re in the mood for something decadent but not too heavy, this is the match for you. Soft, velvety cheeses like Muenster, Cremont, and Camembert also make sound options to pair with Champagne and sparkling wines.

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Stinky and Sweet – Bleu & Moscato

Let’s get to the point and say it – blue cheese is a criminally misunderstood cheese. Relegated to dive and sports bars as a chunky dressing or chicken wing dipper, this sometimes-stinky cheese does in fact have a place on your cheese board – as long as something sweet is served by its side. Sweet wines like Moscatos and Ports counteract the pungent taste of Blue cheese by balancing the stinky with the sweet, making for a surprisingly creamy and delicious pair. Similarly, stinky cheeses such as Limburger, Taleggio and Stinky Bishop also pair wonderfully with sweeter wines.

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Old and Bold – Malbec and Manchego  

When it comes to certain cheeses, older is better. Older cheese retains less water and is therefore richer and more robust in flavor, which counteracts the dry bitterness of Merlots and Malbecs. Older, fattier cheeses like Asiago, Provolone and Parmigiano-Reggiano are always safe bets to pair with your Malbec or Merlot as long as they’ve been aged for over a year.

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We hope this handy guide has made curating your Friday night cheese board, weekend picnics or much needed “me time” relaxing at home with a glass wine and plate of cheese a seamless and enjoyable experience. Remember to indulge responsibly, and cheers to your newfound pairing knowledge.

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