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Did you know that society’s obsession with anti-aging predates the very beauty industry itself? In an effort to keep her skin luminous and youthful, Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey’s milk daily, a smelly but albeit luxe habit that required over 700 donkeys to keep up. Even more bizarre, Elizabethan women used to use thin slices of raw meat as DIY face masks in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Fast forward several centuries later, and women are still fending for the latest and greatest products to minimize the telltale signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, you name it. The only difference between the beauty industry’s approach to aging today and that of the women of Elizabethan times is (maybe not the only difference), instead of coming straight from slaughter, beauty products today are meticulously branded, thoughtfully packaged and come with a slew of hefty promises – the biggest and most problematic? “Anti-Aging.”

Our qualm with the term is this: aging isn’t a condition to be treated, an enemy to fight against, or a flaw to be covered up. The “anti” in “anti-aging,” is ridden with messages that position aging as the one of the worst things to befall a woman’s appearance, likening it to a process we should all be vehemently against. Plump, smooth and youthful skin has been considered the ideal throughout history (see previous anecdote about Cleopatra) and anything less is cause for concern. With sentiments like these clouding the air, it’s no wonder that self-love and warped perceptions of beauty continue to be a persistent sore spot for many women, regardless of their age.

As a brand, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin, at every age.

Once we stop treating aging like a sickness to be prevented, we’ll begin to see the process for what it truly is, a privilege. Instead of scrutinizing laugh lines as a space to be filled, we hope there will come a day when you view them as a sign of a life well lived – because mature skin is beautiful skin, and it’s about time that our language starts to reflect that.

We’re not here to tell you that you should give up your favorite skin-firming moisturizer, or ditch your go-to line smoothing serum. What we’re saying is that even though we may not realize it, language informs attitudes. And the “anti-aging” rhetoric circulating the beauty industry perpetuates an unhealthy attitude towards aging that, like the least fun domino effect you’ve ever seen, affects the way women view themselves in turn.

As far reach as it may seem, this movement towards a more inclusive, empowering beauty vocabulary is already in effect as beauty industry authorities like Allure magazine pave the way towards a more inclusive dialogue by stripping terms like “anti-aging” from their vocabulary. As a brand, we are dedicated to doing our part to guide the shift away from “anti-aging” rhetoric. Which is why at Intoxicating Beauty, we are committed to creating wholesome, natural products, designed to help you feel and look your best no matter your age.

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