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We’ve dished about the importance of going organic with your food and your beauty cabinet – so why not your happy hour? More than a fad, organic and all natural wines are actually the more environmentally and health conscious choice, which is why more and more bars and restaurants are including them on their menus.

We know what you’re thinking – aren’t all wines good for your health (in moderation)? Not quite. Turns out that most common wines contain nearly 70 added ingredients. Sulfites (a preservative that occurs naturally during the fermentation process) are added in higher quantities to extend the shelf life of wines, while excess sugar is added enhance their sweetness – meaning extra calories, too. Mainstream inorganic wines also have a higher alcohol content, ranging from 14 to 17%.  Between the added sugar, ample alcohol content, and gratuitous use of preservatives, dyes, and textural components, you have all of the makings of a troublesome hangover and one giant red flag.

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Enter organic wines. These wines contain only the good stuff and are free from GMOs, synthetic additives, pesticides and herbicides. Organic wines are also more likely to contain natural yeasts found in the skin of grapes – something mainstream wines lack as pesticides often kill them off. Organic wines must also be manufactured under sustainable and organic (of course) farming and production methods, which, while a lot harder than it sounds, is just another reason why organic wines are the more planet-friendly option.

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The most buzzed about benefit of organic wines are their supposed increased health benefits. With a lower alcohol content than their conventional counterparts, and a lower sugar and calorie count you can feel good about indulging in organic wines without the headaches and gruesome hangovers. While conventional wines (when consumed in moderation) are said to boast high antioxidant content, organic wines – because they lack the excess sugars and other fillers contained in conventional wines, have also been shown to promote cardiovascular health and contain even more antioxidant goodness. The extra antioxidants present in organic wines are also why we’ve made organic and all natural wines the star of our Vino Bella collection, which is focused on maintaining your skin’s youthful glow and protecting it against free radicals and environmental damage.

So there you have it, because it’s only fair that your health and wellness journey spill over into your nightly glass of pinot noir. Cheers!

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