What the Intoxicating Beauty Team is Doing at Home

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While working from home, there is a world of opportunities just waiting. We now have time to do so much more than we could on the go, and it’s important to take full advantage of this time. As we all close our doors and practice social distancing for now, we can try new things, fall back in love with old habits, and simply rest.

Are you running out of shows to watch or Pinterest hacks to fail? Keep reading to see what the Intoxicating Beauty Team is doing to stay relaxed and healthy during these stressful times.

Hypnosis Audios

Just need to unplug? Try something new and listen to a hypnosis audio. These tapes are a unique way to practice rest and mindfulness. Laura King at Summit Hypnosis & Wellness provides in-phone sessions and online downloads and you can customize your very own personalized CD or MP3, helping you receive a session to best fit your current needs. Some options include, but are not limited to: test anxiety, anger management, pain management, life coaching, sports performance, and others. For direct downloads, consider Hypnosis Downloads for other intentional audios to help you address your needs.

Woman meditating while listening to an audio cd - during COVID19 stay at home Intoxicating Beauty is focused on meditating.
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Is all of the current news making your anxiety a bit more intense than normal? Incorporate meditation into your daily routine to truly make your days wellness-based. Meditation is an excellent way to process your thoughts, sorting through all of your emotions and thoughts as you shut out the rest of the world for a brief period of time. Meditation is also a chance for you to focus on your breathing, reminding yourself to not become too caught up in the negative aspects of the world. Find a calm, clean space in your home and simply sit to meditate for a brief period of time each day.


A key factor in being mindful, as mentioned above, is a calm, clean space. If you’ve been rejecting that messy corner of your space for a few months too long, now is the time to finally straighten it up. Having a messy home can add to feelings of stress and anxiety, so give yourself a clean space that can give you a sense of peace and comfort. Once your space is clean, use this as an opportunity to redecorate and reorganize, too. If you struggle meditating in your living room or bedroom, create a designated area in your home to practice these mindful activities, reinventing your home as a place of peace.

A clothes and shoe rack holding clothes and shoes - reorganize your home to kill time durring quarantine.
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Mindful Eating

It can be a bit tricky to motivate yourself to eat well when you aren’t leaving the house, but those poor food decisions will begin to make you feel sluggish, depressed, and run down with time. Give your body the fuel it needs during this time by making conscious, healthy decisions with your food. Reach for fruits and veggies now more than ever, making Instagram-worthy, colorful meals.

Sleeping More

Used to staying up late working on a project, only having to wake up early to make that long commute? Use this time to allow your mind, soul, and body to rest. Don’t sleep away the day, but at least give yourself a solid seven to eight hours of sleep each night, so as to give your body the proper fuel it needs. Even indulge in short naps during the day if you feel one calling your name. Make your sleeping space better than ever, investing in better sheets, essential oil diffusers, sleep supplements, and more.

Holding a plant for an outdoor garden - an activity that can be done while staying at home.
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Never have time to plant and water your seeds? Do it now! The Intoxicating Beauty Team is hard at work getting started on our Skin Wellness Garden (more on that soon). Use this time at home to plant your own wellness-based gardens, full of healthy herbs, fruits, and vegetables to complete delicious meals. This is also a great time to plant flowers, watching them grow and bloom with time.

Indulging in Beauty Routines

If you find yourself neglecting your beauty routine too often, use this time at home to properly organize your beauty space and indulge in a consistent routine. Make sure you’re properly hydrating your skin, giving it the treatment it deserves. The Intoxicating Beauty Team is enjoying extra-indulgent showers, too, enjoying our very own bath and shower treats to stay fresh and clean before hitting the sheets.

Intoxicating Beauty Beautitini Salt Emollient Twist on top of Intoxicating Beauty packaging.
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Vision Boards

This isn’t the time to be lacking inspiration. The Intoxicating Beauty Team has been creating vision boards to stay creatively inspired, using various images and quotes that speak to the soul. Make your own vision board at home by either digitally combining images or gluing them down to a poster board. Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals, dreams, and passions, keeping your spirits high throughout this stressful time.


It can be easy to think of all we have lost during this time, and it’s okay to be upset over loss. Even so, it’s important to make gratitude a priority. To keep this spirit, the Intoxicating Beauty Team has been keeping daily gratitude lists, filling them with the daily and evergreen things they are thankful for.

Don’t let yourself feel trapped, bored, or dismayed at home. Use these mindful, wellness-driven habits to keep your spirits high and anxieties low during this time.

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