Wellness Resources for the Black Community

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This previous week has heavily rested in the hearts of Americans. Following the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, protests ignited in all 50 states to promote change and demand justice. The Black Lives Matter movement has gone beyond physical protests, though. Activism now exists in a time of social media, meaning allies across the world are using their virtual platforms to share information, resources, personal stories, donation funds, and much more.

Through this time, many are feeling burdened, tired, frustrated, and heartbroken. Now, more than ever, self care for the Black community is crucial. Below are several wellness resources for the Black community to keep close to heart, from mindful virtual calls to a beautifully illustrated book.

Therapy for Black Girls

This Facebook podcast offers group support sessions at 7 p.m. EST every Thursday night. Designed for Black women 18 and older, this podcast strives to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Their landing page reads, “This is designed to be a safe space for Black women to come and discuss any issues that are standing in the way of really living your life with a sense of purpose and joy. It’s not enough to just survive, the goal should be to thrive!”

Breathwork for Trauma

Hosted by HealHaus, this session meets June 6 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Time will be spent releasing tension, gaining mental clarity and moving the body out of the fight-flight-or-freeze response into a restorative rest-and-digest state through a combination of guided visualization, the breath, and Reiki.

Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund

During such a critical time, black journalists, particularly, are struggling with their mental health. This fund provides aid to those financially struggling and in need of mental health services. This is designed to provide some relief to black journalists facing trauma during these devastating times.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness COVID-19 Women’s Relief Fund

As stated by the foundation’s website, “The COVID-19 Relief Fund for Black Women and Families will provide mini-grants to women to meet their family’s immediate needs for food, housing, childcare, toiletries, medication, healthcare-related costs, or other critical expenses.” Depending on need and available funds, you can receive a mini-grant to assist you or your family through this troubling time.

Over 100 Community Offerings

Checkout @peathefeary on Instagram for an endless list spiritual healers and coaches. She has coordinated and listed over 100 healers, energy, yogis, workers, astrologers, coaches, tarot readers, human design readers, shaman, and more in her highlights who are currently offering their services for free for the Black community. Please note that there are two Community Offering tabs in her highlights.

All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols

Written and signed by black musician, songwriter, artist, and writer, Morgan Harper Nichols, this book presents a beautiful collection of poems. With overarching themes of healing, grace, peace, and self-love, this book is a great one to keep close to heart through these times.

During times of unrest and injustice, these available wellness resources remind us of the true importance of self-care.

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