Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair From Home

Woman in her pajamas combing through her hair at home. Change the way you style your hair during quarantine.

It’s easy to start feeling bored while staying at home, and this can lead to some drastic decisions. The most frequent victim of boredom is your hair. Dyeing it, trimming it, fully cutting it, and of course, giving yourself bangs. These decisions are often made out of impulse, and the feeling of excitement can quickly fade.

Instead of making these drastic hair changes in the middle of the night, consider opting for some more temporary hair changes. You can still enjoy colored hair and other fun hair changes – without the regret.

Keep reading to discover four ways to temporarily change your hair from home.

Hair extensions of different colors lay flat on a table. Instead of cutting your hair try adding some instant length to it!
Photo by Aliaksandr Barouski on Shutterstock

Add some extensions

Instead of cutting your hair shorter, use this time to give yourself instantly longer hair! Extensions are a great way to try a new hairstyle, especially if you haven’t been able to due to shorter hair. Hair extensions can help provide volume, too, so if you have fine hair that needs a little more bounce, you can use extensions to fake it until you make it. If you are going to get extensions, be sure to care for them properly, including brushing and washing them as instructed.

Using a curling iron to curl hair. Try mastering curling your hair while at home!
Photo by KIRAYONAK YULIYA on Shutterstock

Switch your tools

Always following the same styling routine? Use this time as a chance to get comfortable with different heat-style tools. If you follow the same straightening routine, try mastering the art of beachy waves using a straightener. If you’re already a pro, try getting familiar with a curling wand or iron. If curling your hair is already your go-to, reach for that smaller wand you always forget. Smaller wands will give you a tighter curl, resulting in much more volume. The options are practically endless, so try something new and have fun with it.

Self dyeing hair a light green color. Use temporary dyes to try out new hair colors.
Photo by Symonenko Viktoriia on Shutterstock

Try temporary dye

If you really can’t resist dyeing your hair, opt for something a little more temporary to see if you truly like the style. Though fairly easy and accessible, dyeing your own hair at home can result in more damage than anyone wants. Temporary dyes can come in many forms, such as a temporary spray. The Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint is a fan-favorite during quarantine, with its pink results taking over Instagram. Temporary options like this are a great, easy way to switch up your hair – no bleach or tools required. Temporary tints and dyes typically wash out within a week or two, so you can go back to normal in no time.

Woman with her hair done during a home photoshoot. Give different hairstyles a try during quarantine.
Photo by Forewer on Shutterstock

Style Different

Now that you’re a total pro with all of your styling tools, this is the time to try out some new hairstyles. If you’ve been putting off learning how to French or Dutch braid, pull up some YouTube videos and teach yourself within minutes. Experimenting with different hair styles is a great way to switch things up, especially for an at-home photoshoot.

These simple, easy ways to temporarily change your hair from home are the best ways to save your hair. Before you reach for the scissors or bleach, consider these fun options.

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