Ways to Switch Up Your Morning Routine

Woman getting out of bed in the morning - learn ways to switch up your morning routine.

How you start your morning truly sets the tone for the entire day. If you aren’t pouring enough love and care into your morning routine, how do you think the rest of the day will go? Your morning should be a quiet, easy time for you to wake up, plan your day, and feel a sense of confidence entering the day. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of not following such a mindful routine.

We fall into a cycle of hitting snooze, skipping breakfast, praying there’s enough creamer left to get that blissful cup of coffee on your way out the door. Your mind and body deserve so much better than these bad habits.

If you’re looking for a better, brighter start to your day, consider these easy ways to switch up your morning routine.


How many times have you wished you had just checked something the night before? Your shirt is wrinkly, you’re out of your favorite brow pencil, or whatever frantic moment you often face. Start planning out the details before you hit the sheets, and you’ll soon see a major improvement in the flow of your mornings. Plan your outfit, your beauty routine, your meals, even prep your morning cup of coffee by setting it all out. By preparing, you’re going to bed with the comfort of being ready for the day to come, and you’ll wake up with several less things to worry about.

Food in storage in containers on a kitchen counter - meal prepping is a good way to switch up your morning routine.
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Are you a big dreamer? Whether it was a nightmare or fairytale you never wanted to end, write about it. Write about yesterday, write about what you expect from today. Getting your thoughts out on paper will give you a chance to clear your mind, opening your mind for whatever the day brings. Being present and focusing on yourself rather than the stress of the day or social media gives you a chance to truly breathe. Your journal doesn’t have to be pretty, let it be as messy or aesthetically pleasing as you wish.

A colorful journal sits on top of a pink background - using a journal can be a great way to change up your morning routine.
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Be intentional, but realistic

One of the most common tips for enhancing your morning routine is not checking your emails, or messages at all. Some even recommend keeping your phone in another room altogether. If this is something that fits your routine and lifestyle, then go for it. For many, though, omitting your phone from your morning routine just isn’t realistic. If you want to keep your phone as part of your routine, just be intentional with it. Respond to the positive, uplifting notifications – the rest can wait. If you want to take a few minutes to scroll through social media, do it, just don’t let it consume you. You control your actions, so just make an active effort to be intentional with your technology in the mornings.

Try a plant-based breakfast

Tired of eggs *every single* morning? Get your energy and nutrients from plant-based meals. Avocado is full of nutrients and healthy fats to give you the perfect start to your day, so mash some up on toast with a bit of lemon or lime squeezed on top. Add some sliced banana and a handful of almonds on the side for that extra boost of energy. Plus, you’ll still be full well until lunchtime!

Avocado and toast with a side of lemon on a dark grey plate - try eating a plant based breakfast to spice up your morning routine.
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Stay hydrated

Yes, it’s very tempting to crawl out of bed and walk like a zombie until you reach the coffee pot. First, though, drink a glass of cold lemon water. Your body is so dehydrated and lacking nutrients first thing in the morning, so starting with caffeine isn’t the right first step. While the coffee is brewing, sip on your lemon water for the perfect start to your morning. With these easy wellness tips incorporated into your morning routine, you’re all set for a great, mindful day.

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