Ways to Minimize Stress While Social Distancing

Woman meditating at her desk at home - learn ways to reduce stress during stay at home orders.

Staying at home can bring forward a wide variety of emotions, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s okay to feel calm and content one moment and feel a wave of anxiety the next. Through this time at home, though, we are able to be more intentional and in-tune with our mind, spirit, and body. Safe and cozy in your space, you can regularly practice mindfulness and pick up new habits to improve your overall mental well-being.

If you’ve been facing stress and anxiety through this new season, keep reading to discover a few ways you can minimize your stress levels and feel more at peace.

Two glasses of water with lemon and straw sit next to a flower and lemon on a table outside - avoid coffee when stressed as it can make anxiety increase.
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Unplug the Coffee Maker

In the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about shelling out $5 for a latte. Unfortunately, you also don’t have to worry about being on-the-go and having limited access to your next cup of joe. If you’re new to working from home, it might be a challenge to stay focused and energetic throughout the day. This can make you feel drawn to the coffee maker over and over, trying to get that extra kick.

As comforting as that first cup or two in the morning may be, it’s time to turn off the coffee pot after those. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine throughout the day will not only cause jitters and anxiety, but it will also disrupt your sleep schedule, furthering the cycle of anxiety.

When you find yourself craving another cup, opt for an ice-cold glass of water infused with lemon and/or other fruits.

Tired woman taking a nap on the couch - it's ok to take a break from work to take a quick 20 minute nap.
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Take a Nap

While you shouldn’t sleep away the day, you don’t have to suddenly transform into a workaholic, either. Pushing your body too much can lead to burnout and increased stress levels. Even if you haven’t been overworking yourself, though, it’s normal to feel emotionally and physically exhausted through this period. Allow yourself to revel in rest, whether it be a rejuvenating 20-minute nap or an indulgent hour (or longer!).

Practicing healthy sleeping habits and maintaining a normal routine from home will help keep your stress at a normal level, giving you a sense of peace and security throughout the day.

Woman using a tablet to do a video call - continue being social during quarantine.
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Keep Being Social

Even though you’re staying home and social distancing, that doesn’t mean you should stop regularly communicating with your community. Schedule video chats with your friends and family, reminding yourself you aren’t alone. Try to still do what you love with them, having a virtual coffee date or happy hour. Keeping in touch with your loved ones will help you feel less alone, and give you a chance to talk about your feelings.

Woman meditating on a yoga mat - maintain pracitcing mindfulness while stuck at home.
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Practice Mindfulness

If you’ve been putting off journaling or meditating because of a lack of time, now is your chance. Writing and breathing are both great ways to minimize stress and anxiety, clearing your mind and giving your entire body a sense of balance. Practice mindfulness through daily journaling, gentle yoga, exercise, meditation, or even drawing. Many find adult coloring books to be extremely therapeutic when facing anxiety. Find whatever mindfulness-centered practice best calms your mind and practice it regularly.

During this confusing time, don’t let fear or anxiety win. Use these tips and habits to minimize stress as you social distance, keeping your mind healthy and happy.

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