Ways to Make Your At-Home Workout More Enjoyable

Active woman listening to music using headphones.

With many gyms still closed, you’ve more than likely found yourself diving into the world of at-home workouts. At-home workouts are a great way to stay active from home, as they often require minimal to no equipment and are often free on websites like YouTube. If you avoid the gym typically due to anxiety or other limiting factors, then at-home workouts are the perfect way to break a sweat. With so many workouts floating around, too, you can find just about whatever type of workout best suits your needs.

Even though many at-home workouts are beginner-friendly, you aren’t alone if you still dread doing them. With some extra time these days, it can be way more tempting to stay in bed and binge your favorite tv show. Regular physical activity is great for your mental and physical health, though. Beyond toning and weight loss, working out, over time, can promote healthier skin and hair, lift your mood, and give you much more energy.

The amazing benefits of working out make it much more tempting to turn on an at-home workout video, but even once you’ve hit play, it might still feel like a drag. If you’re looking for ways to make your at-home workouts more enjoyable, keep reading for several easy tips.

Music is key

When you’re working with machines at the gym, it’s easy to put in your headphones and listen to your own music. A lot of at-home workouts, though, feature their own music and/or voiceovers. While this can seem challenging and not as fun as listening to your own music, don’t give up hope! Many popular creators, such as MadFit, have created fun workouts to your favorite songs. Sing along as you get your heart rate up, and create your perfect workout playlist!

Woman tying her shoes and getting ready for a workout.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Dress to impress

Investing in a fashionable (but comfortable) workout set can go a long way. Especially if you don’t typically enjoy working out, this is the time to fake it until you make it. You’ll feel much more excited and confident working out in appropriate clothes that fit you just right instead of those old gym shorts and a dirty t-shirt. Not to mention, these sets make for amazing gym selfies – right at home.

Clear the area

You’ll find it difficult to focus on your workout if there is clutter or furniture blocking your every move. Try to set a defined space in your home to work out, whether it be your bedroom, the living room, your backyard, or some other open space. Tidy up a bit to ensure nothing will accidentally get in your way, and consider moving around some furniture, if necessary.

Set a designated time

With so much structure being lost these days, making and maintaining your own schedule is crucial. Find a time where you feel most motivated to work out and stick to it. This might be first thing in the morning (after proper nourishment), middle of the afternoon, or even closer to bedtime. Whenever it works best for you and your daily habits, stick to it to hold yourself accountable.

Woman stretching on her yoga mat.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Warm up and cool down

No matter the workout you choose, it’s crucial to both warm up and cool down. Warming up prepares your body for the movements it’s about to do, making them a bit easier and less painful. This will ensure you have proper preparation and energy for your actual workout, allowing you to endure much more. After your workout, take some time to cool down, whether it be through less intense exercise or soothing yoga. This will allow your body to regulate itself and prevent you from being excessively sore the following day.

Reward yourself

Working out can be a challenging process, and you should feel proud of yourself each time you finish a workout. Reward yourself with an indulgent shower or bath, applying a face mask, or enjoying a healthy treat. No matter how you choose to reward yourself, be sure to recognize your accomplishments and treat yourself kindly.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to enjoy at-home workouts lately, use these tips and habits to make them a fun, rewarding experience.

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