Ways to Keep Your Beauty Routine Warm & Cozy

A glass door shower with plants hanging from above.

As magical as winter can be, it’s one of the worst seasons for your beauty routine. Your skin is constantly dry, so you have to be extremely intentional with which lotions and moisturizers you choose to use throughout the season. Not only is your skin dry, but your hair likely is, too. The cold, dry air can be very harsh on your hair, tempting you to wash your hair in extra-hot showers (and never wanting to leave). This only feeds the endless cycle of winter, as very hot showers also cause your skin to be extremely dry.

A good beauty routine in the winter can be a bit tricky, but it’s important to remain consistent with your self-care this season, just as with every other season. If you’re struggling with keeping your winter beauty routine warm and cozy, follow these steps for a luxe winter.

Make your shower as inviting as your bed

One of the hardest parts about maintaining a beauty routine in the winter is the dreaded shower. All you want to do is either stay in your cozy bed or hop in the hottest shower of your life. Unfortunately, neither of those options will do you, or your skin, many favors. The key to a cozy winter shower is making it just as inviting as your bed!

To do this, it all begins with the aesthetics of your shower. Don’t treat your shower as just that, but make it more. Start with turning it into a spa with small touches, such as hanging eucalyptus or other aromatic plants/flowers, tossing some essential oils on the wall, and including an in-shower speaker to play your favorite cozy tunes.

Next, add in some of your favorite shower products. Indulge in a scrub that invigorates your senses, and follow it with a favorite body wash. Once out of the shower, while your skin is still wet, lather up with your favorite winter lotion. For a citrusy treat, reach for Intoxicating Beauty’s own Seduce Your Senses Gift Set, the perfect way to treat yourself this winter.

Getting the hard part over

Okay, you’ve taken your shower, and you never want to leave, right? As tempting as it can be to stay in the steam, there are some tricks to make the experience less chilly. First, before your shower, you’ll want to toss your favorite robe in the dryer. Once you get out, you’re in the home stretch. All you have to do is wrap up and dry off in your towel then grab your warm, cozy robe from the dryer. This way, you can finish your routine while staying warm, without having to suffer through pajamas sticking to your body. Once you’ve done this, the hard part is over and you can indulge in your winter skincare routine.

Woman sitting on the edge of a bath tub while wearing a bath robe.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Keeping your skincare cozy, too

No matter how much you love skincare, it can be oh so cold on your face during those chilly winter months. To ease this cool sensation, there are several skincare products can actually provide a warming sensation to the skin. After you cleanse, apply a warming mask, allowing it to keep you warm and cozy as you take care of other night-time steps. When moisturizing, opt for a thick cream, rather than a gel-based product, as this will have less of a cooling effect, too, Finally, before getting under your cozy covers, warm and soothe your face by heating a microwave-safe eye mask, the perfect final addition to your winter beauty routine. Staying warm in the winter can be tricky enough on its own, and maintaining a beauty routine only makes the process more challenging. With these cozy tips, you can stay warm and still practice self-care all winter long.

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