Ways to Get Better Beauty Sleep

Woman getting her beauty sleep in bed while in pajamas.

We throw around the phrase “beauty sleep” pretty often, but how each person defines beauty sleep can vary. For some, beauty sleep is just a few hours, but for others, they need the recommended eight hours or more. For those who like to be a little extra with their routines, though, beauty sleep is all about the atmosphere. If you like to be extra cozy, comfortable, and chic for bedtime, then this one’s for you.

Make Silk Your Best Friend

Silk pillowcase texture used for better beauty sleep.
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Those $20 pillowcases from the store might be super soft, but they aren’t doing your skin or hair any favors. Silk helps your skin retain moisture, giving you true beauty sleep. Silk’s smooth surface also keeps your hair smooth, less frizzy and soft the next morning, so say goodbye to bedhead. You can add silk to your sleep routine in several ways. The most popular is a silk pillowcase, such as the Slip Silk Pillowcase. Available in a variety of shades and sizes, this pillowcase is made from the highest grade mulberry silk. It keeps your skin from being roughly tugged throughout the night, fighting premature aging. If you want a little more silk action throughout the night, Slip also offers scrunchies and sleep masks. Your skin and hair will thank you!


An active oil diffuser used for aromatherapy and better beauty sleep.
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As cozy as your favorite candle makes you feel, it’s not always the safest idea to leave it burning throughout the night. Scents can make us feel more relaxed and sleepy, though, so you shouldn’t have to go without it. With the right diffuser and essential oil scents, your senses will be lulled right to sleep. The most popular scent, by far, is lavender. A classic, lavender has a highly soothing scent known to aid in falling asleep, feeling relaxed, and soothing anxiety. If lavender isn’t your favorite scent, simple vanilla might be the warm option for you. Like lavender, vanilla has sedative effects, also helping with relaxation. The sweet, warm scent of vanilla is a comforting scent for slipping under the sheets. Finally, if you prefer a more floral blend, jasmine is a great option for easing anxiety and restlessness. Complete your bedroom with the perfect essential oil diffuser, such as the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser.

Let Sleep Do the Beauty Work for You

Coffee mug, drink something warm before bed for better beauty sleep.
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After a likely extensive nighttime skincare routine, you’re probably already exhausted enough to go to bed. From this point on, all you need to do is make a delicious treat that helps you sleep, while making your skin look and feel beautiful. There are many drinks with sleep-encouraging bonuses, like melatonin and magnesium, that also include beauty-enhancing ingredients, like collagen and hyaluronic acid. Simply sip on these treats prior to falling asleep, preferable away from the screen. The simple act of sipping something warm before bed will soothe your mind, preparing it for a night of restful sleep. Some great options include the Moon Juice Night Beauty Dust, the The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder, and the Poosh x Vital Proteins Pink Moon Milk Collagen Latte.

Adding a few little additions to your sleep space or night routine can make a major difference in how you wake up, so use these tips for a night of better beauty sleep.

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