Ways to Conquer Morning Anxiety

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With everything going on in the world, it’s understandable that anxiety is at an all-time high. As soon as you turn on the news or open your social media, it seems as though there’s no escape from the troubles. If you’re someone who instantly picks up your phone when you wake up, or maybe you fell asleep after reading through the news, you might notice a spike in your own anxiety right now. Morning anxiety can take over how you carry out your day, but you can conquer it.

If you or a loved one has been experiencing anxiety first thing in the morning, keep reading for some tips on how to gradually conquer and prevent it.

Get a good night’s rest

For many, morning anxiety is rooted in a lack of quality sleep. A lack of sleep can easily cause your mind to lose its full strength, causing you to be more sustainable to anxiety. On the flip side, you might be struggling to actually fall asleep due to anxiety. No matter the case, begin with establishing a soothing, relaxing, and calming nighttime routine. Establishing a routine to prepare you for bed will help your mind relax, allowing you to rest without worries.

Before bed, set down all screens 30 minutes to an hour. Not only will this help you hit “pause” on the new cycle or other external factors, but the blue lights in our screens also damage our sleep cycles. Giving yourself a break from the screens will slowly lift a weight off of your shoulders. Once the screens are down for the night, follow whichever practices work best for you. Do some relaxing yoga, drink some bedtime tea, follow your skincare routine, read a book, or take a warm bath. Following a routine such as this regularly will help you go to bed with a calmer mind, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Wake up better

In the same light, it’s important to establish a morning routine, too. This will prevent you from rushing out the door at the last minute, undoubtedly contributing to your anxiety. The first step – stop hitting snooze. Hitting snooze only delays your morning, leaving you less and less time to actually enjoy it. When you wake up with your alarm, you give yourself time to enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast, easing into the day with a gentle mind.

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Stretch it out

Morning anxiety can cause you to feel tense and tight, and often, you won’t want to move at all. To beat this feeling, start every morning with a gentle stretch and/or yoga session. Stretching out your body will help you relieve some tension, feeling physically relaxed as you kick off your day. Breathing exercises, especially when combined with intentional meditation, can also help you relax and clear your mind before starting the day.

Identify the source

Does your anxiety seem to be triggered by something in particular in the mornings? Do your best to identify where your anxiety is coming from so that you can actively avoid it. If you feel more anxious after reading the news or checking social media first thing, then consider not checking your phone for the first 30 minutes or so after waking up. If your cup of coffee is making you feel more jittery, consider switching over to decaf tea. When you identify the source of your anxiety, you can actively avoid and prevent it.

Morning anxiety can set a dark cloud over you for the entire day. When you establish regular routines and follow these tips, though, you can slowly conquer your morning anxiety.

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