What Can Vinotherapy Do for You?


Vinotherapy sound familiar? Probably. Because the beauty trend is making its way around spas across the country and is even having new ones constructed in its name. There’s a reason why everyone is buzzing about this spa-trend, and we’re getting to the bottom of it.

VinoTherapy Grapes
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What is Vino therapy?

Wine has been well-loved and used for centuries; during dinners and girls nights, for the antioxidants, by the glass during your Friday night bath. But wine has many potential skin benefits as well. Vinotherapy (also known as Vinotherapie) involves the use of – you guessed it, wine by-products to deliver one-of-a-kind beauty and skincare treatments.

Vinotherapy infuses classic spa treatments with wine and wine products to potentially amplify the treatment’s revitalizing and relaxing benefits. Products like grape seeds, their skin and stems, grape essential oils, extracts, micronized yeasts, and yes even muscatel wines all play a part in giving you a spa experience unlike any you’ve had before. What’s the common thread between all of the aforementioned ingredients? Phytophenols and resveratrol. Phytophenols are flavonoids that have high antioxidant content, which as we all know is a must in order to boost skin’s health and protect it from free-radicals. Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound that is known for putting aging on pause and encouraging cell renewal.

Vinotherapy treatments have also been shown to improve skin’s elasticity, quell inflammation, and even boost capillary health – basically everything you could ever want. It is proposed to tighten wrinkles, tone the skin, enrich and revitalize it, and keep it healthy and new overall. The polyphenols in wine treatments also boast anti-bacterial benefits, making them the perfect way to purify and detox the skin and body. The hypothesis is that utilizing the natural antioxidants from the grapes in a wine’s base on a topical level, the skin will reap the benefits directly.

Our favorite treatments? We honestly can’t decide. There’s no part of your body that won’t enjoy the benefits Vinotherapy has to offer, so the treatments you want to go for are entirely up to you. We’re partial to body scrubs, wraps, and massages for the ultimate spa experience.



Wine Spa
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AIRE Ancient Baths: NYC

AIRE Spa in New York City is an amazing spa. Their wine bath and grapeseed oil massage are absolutely romantic and luxurious. It is a wonderful treat for a romantic gateaway or a when you want to enjoy 3 – 4 hours of self-care. It is one of Intoxicating Beauty founder, Teresa Norvell, favorite vinotherapy spas!

AIRE Spa in New York City is a bath-based spa inspired by the stone baths ancient civilizations, like the Romans and Ottomans. Offering both traditional therapeutic bath treatments and vino-bath treatments, AIRE is a trusted vinotherapy spot. Focused on relaxing the body and the mind, AIRE offers vinotherapy baths for groups or individuals that can be customized and booked online for the ultimate detox experience.

Wine Treatment
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Spa Terra, Napa Valley

Based in wine cave (yes, you read the correctly), at the The Meritage Hotel in Napa Valley, Spa Terra couldn’t be more perfectly located, if you ask us. The Spa boasts a number of Vinotherapy treatments, scrubs, wraps, facials, massages – you name it. Their “Uncork” treatment involves a grape seed scrub, followed by a wine and rosehip body wrap, and a hydrating grape seed lotion rub down. Need we say more?


Vinotherapy Relaxation
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Kenwood Inn & Spa: Sonoma Valley, CA

For any West coasters, Kenwood in Sonoma Valley is located in the heart of wine territory and offers a luxuriously quaint vacation experience. The Kenwood Spa’s most famous vinotherapy treatment is a massage where the massage oil is infused with grape seeds sourced from their own vineyards to enrich and exfoliate the skin. They also offer smaller baths and traditional spa treatments (with sides of wine, of course).

Vinotherapy Treatment
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ADLER THERMAE: Tuscany, Italy

A destination spot for honeymooners or world travelers, ADLER THERMAE takes vinotherapy back to the heart of it all. Combining thermal spring baths, ayurveda health, and vinotherapy with medical-grade spa workers and treatments, ADLER is a trusted, top-tier spot for vinotherapy on an international level.

While we’re huge fans of these four spas, spas that offer Vinotherapy are popping up all over the nation. All of our favorites, though, are in wine country. Just go to where the best wines live and you will surely find a Vinotherapy spa not too far away!

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