Travel Friendly Beauty: 5 Carry-On Essentials

Woman laying in her hotel bed during a vacation, guided by good travel friendly beauty carry-on essentials.

As much as we love travel, we can probably all agree that packing is the most dreadful part of any vacation. And if you’re of the conflicting beliefs that one should never check their luggage, yet should also have a blouse, bag, and blush for every occasion, packing can be especially horrible. While we may not be able to tell you how many middie skirts to bring on your trip, we can offer some words of wisdom when it comes to packing travel-friendly beauty products. Here are the 5 pillars of the perfect travel beauty bag:

 A Good Wipe

Woman applying facial wipe to face, a good travel friendly beauty carry-on essential.
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Lightweight and space-saving, the perfect facial wipe removes makeup and cleanses skin in a single swipe, bridging the gap between makeup and skin care. Ursa Major’s individually wrapped Face Wipes are worth keeping on hand at all times – for a gentle morning cleanse, to refresh skin before and after take off, and to keep stashed by your hotel bedside to remove the days’ worth of makeup and jetlag.

A Multipurpose Pigment

Woman applying multi use stick,  a good travel friendly beauty carry-on essential.
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Aside from conserving valuable toiletry bag real estate, dual purpose products like Vapour beauty’s Aura Multi Use Sticks making getting ready on-the-go and abroad easy. A dab on the apples of the cheeks, across the lips, and on the lids gives you a flawless monochrome beauty look that will hang around until you’re back at your AirBnb at day’s end. Cream products like Vapour’s multipurpose balms (“Coutesan” is the perfect tawny rose shade) are also easily blended in with the fingers – meaning no brushes required, do a little dance over the room you’ve saved in your makeup bag then carry on your way. Olio E Osso’s Tinted Balms are another a great option if you’re into more sheer, subtle washes of color.

A Solid Cleanser

Charcoal soap amongst other soaps,  good travel friendly beauty carry-on essentials.
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Bar soaps are a no-brainer when it comes to travel because you don’t have to worry about exceeding your allotted volume of liquids, product spilling inside your luggage, or packaging breaking while in transit. Simply chuck your bar soap in a vented plastic soap container and you’re ready for takeoff. Ever had a “travel zit?” You know, the one you spent weeks prior to your trip trying to prevent but inevitably occurs mid-vacation due to climate/humidity changes, airport bacteria, and environmental pollution? Same. So when we’re choosing solid cleansers, we want one that packs a clarifying but non-drying punch – Herbivore’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap fits the bill with tea tree oil to soothe skin and fight blemishes, and activated charcoal to absorb excess oils.

All. Of. The. Samples

Multiple sample sized products on a table, good travel friendly beauty carry-on essentials.
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You know the samples we’re talking about – the mini mascaras, perfume vials, glosses and highlights you’ve accrued during your many beauty counter trips.  There’s no better time to dip your toe into your treasure trove of neglected beauty samples than during a trip away. Samples are always TSA-friendly and fit snuggly into just about any crevice you pack them in – which means you can be absolutely unhinged about the ones you select – bring them all. Another plus? Beauty samples allow you to punctuate your travel skincare and makeup routines with products that would’ve been too cumbersome to pack otherwise. For example, a glass jar of your clay mask is a no-no, but business card sized sachets? Perfect. 

A Nourishing Oil-Serum

Woman extracting facial serum from bottle,  serum is a good travel friendly beauty carry-on essential.
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In the world of serums, there are few that are so rich, so hydrating that they eliminate the need for a cream moisturizer follow-up. Until May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew, that is. We know substituting moisturizer for an oil-serum sounds like sacrilege but hear us out –  powerhouse oil-blends like Lindstrom’s are the extra love and care your skin needs when away from home, we find that they absorb into skin faster, and pack serious hydration that lasts all day. After all, when your skin is in the middle of a freak out due to aforementioned environmental changes, it needs a soothing blend of Avocado, Rosehip, and Meadowfoam Seed oils to moisturize and restore it to its natural glory. And with ingredients as potent and nourishing as these, who needs a cream moisturizer?

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