Tips and Tricks to Ease Anxiety

Woman reading a book on a bed while holding a mug - use alone to time to combat anxiety.

Whether due to the everyday hecticness of life, a random wave or the daily updates regarding the coronavirus, anxiety can be debilitating. Everyday anxiety can be caused by financial burdens, relationship problems, presentations or other common, fear-inducing occurrences. Anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is more constant and can cause individuals to shift their plans, and even lifestyles, due to their fears. Many people face, feel and cope with anxiety is different ways, but no matter how it is for each person, it is a sensation that must be handled.

When in the moment, it can seem difficult to nearly impossible to properly cope with anxiety, but thankfully, there are several tips and tricks to ease anxiety.

Talk with someone

One of the biggest lies anxiety can tell you is that you are alone. When facing these emotions and sensations, reach out to someone. Whether it be a family member, friend, significant other, or trained professional, someone is there to help you. Let your loved ones in on what you’re feeling so they can understand both how you’re feeling and how they can help you. Talk to someone about something light to distract your mind, such as your favorite new restaurant or movie. 

Woman taking a breath on the sofa - count down and breathe to reduce your levels of anxiety.
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Count and breathe

It’s easy to feel swept up in the intensity of anxiety, but it is vital to remember to breathe. Try slowly counting to 10, working your way up then back down to one. This will distract your mind from prior thoughts and worries while keeping your breathing steady. Keeping your breathing at a calm rate can work to calm down the rest of your body, too.

Ground yourself

If you’re feeling carried away and lost in your thoughts, one trick that helps many is grounding yourself. This can be done alone or with the help of others. Remind yourself of each sense surrounding you, asking yourself aligning with each one. Ask yourself something you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Focusing on your current surroundings can bring you out of your mind and make you feel safe, calm and more at peace.

Woman outside meditating - take some alone time for yourself if your are feeling a high level of anxiety.
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Take some “me-time”

Anxiety can often creep up when you’ve neglected your own well-being. Taking time for yourself can mean different things, depending on your current needs. Exercising, for example, can work wonders for those dealing with frequent anxiety. Being active boosts your serotonin, giving your mind the mental boost it needs to win a fight against anxiety. Being sedentary can cause you to feel weak or hopeless, so staying active is key. Time for yourself can also include meditation, yoga, a nice bath, listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite show (laughing is always helpful).

 Avoid sugary treats or caffeine

When you’re feeling particularly stressed, the easy option is to reach for a sweet snack or make a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, both can only worsen anxiety. Find easy, simple alternatives, such as fruits, crackers, water, tea or other calming, good-for-you foods.

Lit scented candles of varying purple and blue colors - light some candles and use essential oils to calm moments of anxiety.
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Light a candle or use oils

Various scents are incredible at calming the mind, so keeping them near for those anxiety-filled moments could be key. Calming scents include lavender, rose, neroli, sandalwood and more. Creative a beautiful blend or find a simple candle so you have the convenience of calm.

If you are facing anxiety, consider using these tips to make these moments a bit easier and calmer, and talk to a trained professional.

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