The Workout That Will Change Your Skin

Woman exercising on a floor mat in front of large windows.

What do classical Pilates, contemporary Pilates, clinical Pilates, mat Pilates, and reformer Pilates all have in common? Well for starters, you’re bound to know at least one person who practices one of them, because this total body workout is basically the new oat milk latte. Secondly – and most surprisingly, they all do amazing things for your skin. Before you throw your hands at the fact that a workout could be the secret to better skin, hear us out: Pilates won’t substitute your 12+ step skincare routine. It will, however, make you look like you just had the most restful, skin-rejuvenating sleep of your life, here’s how.

It Gives a Serious Glow

Woman practicing pilates in a bright pink studio.
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The dynamic movements made during Pilates stimulate circulation in the body – which, as we all know due to the rise of facial massages – means skin cells are sent into overdrive. Blood flow keeps the cells active and engaged and ensures that collagen is being produced as it should be, which means you look awake and radiant after each class.

It Relieves Stress

Woman meditating on a yoga mat.
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What’s the number one culprit behind pesky break outs? Inflammation. What triggers inflammation in the skin? Say it with us, “stress!” Who’s stressed? Pretty much all of us. Like most forms of exercise, Pilates has been shown to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels that can contribute to blemishes, premature lines and wrinkles, and a dwindling collagen supply.

It Detoxifies Skin

Woman wiping sweat from her forehead after a workout.
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You’ve probably heard similar claims surrounding workouts like hot yoga, but the truth still stands: Pilates will get you sweating like nothing else. While we may be avoiding sweat inducing situation like the plague during our day to day lives, sweat is actually a great thing (as long as you’re not wearing makeup while you work out) when it comes to your skin. As you huff and puff through body bending movements, the sweat will draw out underlying toxins from your pores to give you clearer looking skin. Pro tip: put on a purifying clay mask after your workout for a super deep clean.

It’s Low Impact

Photo from above of a woman streching on top of a pink yoga mat.
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Compared to other workouts that may cause you to strain your skin in ways beyond your recognition (we challenge you to find a photo of someone doing cross fit who isn’t grimacing as if in excruciating pain), Pilates is a comparatively low impact workout that puts less stress on the skin – which means the premature signs of aging are less likely to show themselves.

As if you needed additional reasons to work out this week, we’re happy to have given you a few more. Have you tried Pilates? What did you think? Let’s talk fitness in the comments.

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