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Tea Cocktail

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Ever want to reap the health benefits of your favorite teas, but blow off a little bit of steam at the same time? Enter the Tea-tail (aka Tea Cocktails). Look no further than the quenching, tea-infused cocktails to bring a little bit of zest into your cozy night in, or make you the talk of the crowd at the next cocktail party. Earl Grey, Jasmine, and Rooibos tea are all given new leases on life through these unique cocktail recipes.

The Early Grey TeaTail

We love the sweet energy boost that Sugar and Charm’s Earl Grey Cocktail delivers. The cocktail’s mild flavor is comforting thanks to a honey simple syrup, while fresh lemon and lavender sprigs add freshness. The “cocktail” component is introduced via gin, whose crisp, smooth flavor brings this beverage to completion.

The LeLand Palmer

Everyone loves an Arnold Palmer. But, leave it to Bon Appetit to introduce a reimagined version that is elevated to a whole new level of sophistication using aromatic Jasmine tea, gin, limoncello, along with lemon and grapefruit juices. We love this tea-tail on a hot summer day or, let’s face it – whenever, wherever.

Mango + Plum Sweet Tea

Elsie and Emma of a Beautiful Mess have created magic with their Mango Plum and Sweet Tea Cocktail – so much so that we’ll share their recipe with anyone who will listen. Inspired by classic southern sweet tea, this tea-tail uses Rooibos tea as its base, and is enhanced by splashes of fresh orange juice and cubed mangoes and plums. The fruit soaks up the Sweet Tea vodka, creating an experience that isn’t dissimilar to that instilled by a sweet sangria.

Ice tea or hot tea, with a little kick, anytime during the summer, fall, winter or springtime, will sure to be your new tea fave.  These spiked herbal treats will sure to be a hit at your next pool or garden party, as an after-dinner treat, or when you want to cozyup with a book and relax with your favorite tea to celebrate you.  Enjoy! Cheers!

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