The Self Care Ritual Perfect for You, Based on Your Love Language

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Working from home can get pretty lonely. Even with Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls, it’s just not the same as working with others in person. When we get lonely and down, it definitely calls for some extra self-care time. What’s important to remember, though, is that self-care isn’t all about doing a face mask or treating yourself to some online shopping. Self-care, at its core, is truly about addressing your needs and caring for them. As luxurious as a face mask can be, it won’t be the answer to every internal problem you might be facing.

If you’re feeling left unsatisfied by your current self-care ritual, then it might be time to reflect on what would truly be best for you. Keep reading to discover the self-care ritual perfect for you based on your love language.

Words of Affirmation

If your love language is words of affirmation, then consider switching your self-care routine to practicing these affirmations daily, to yourself. While it always feels amazing to someone first say these words to you, it can lead to an unhealthy cycle of seeking approval and validation from others. It’s important to love yourself first, so remember to tell yourself phrases like “I am beautiful,” “I am loved,” “I’m proud of myself,” and so on.

Acts of Service

If your love language is acts of service, then consider switching your self-care routine to doing things that will put your mind and soul at rest. Take some time to make the perfect cup of coffee or wait for your tea to actually steep properly. If you have a little extra time, wash your sheets and clean your room thoroughly so you have a peaceful space to rest each day and night.

Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, then consider switching your self-care routine to intentionally spending more time with yourself. This could be in your home or outside – the opportunities are endless. You could go for a stroll in a park, spend some time journaling, practice a new yoga routine, or anything else that makes you appreciate time spent just with yourself. No interruptions or distractions to clutter your mind.

Physical Touch

Face mask lovers, this one’s for you. If your love language is physical touch, then consider switching your self-care routine to paying some extra love to your body. Don’t rush your routine, but rather take your time when enjoying a face mask, a hydrating body scrub, or a rich lotion to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Showing your body some extra love reminds you that self-love is the most important form of love.

Receiving Gifts

If your love language is receiving gifts, then consider switching your self-care routine to treating yourself to something reasonable once a week. Of course, you want to be mindful of spending habits, but if you budget thoughtfully, this act of self-care is a great way to serve yourself. You could support your favorite local coffee shop or bakery by doing this, so it’s a win for everyone.

Taking care of yourself from the inside out, especially during these stressful times, is so important. Use your love language to show yourself a little more love, this week and always!

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