The Not So Scary Guide to Removing Halloween Makeup

Halloween Skull Makeup

Did you opt for a full-face makeup look this year and are just now beginning to freak out about how you’re going to take it all off? Fear not, because Simpson, Alien life or Dawn of the Dead form costume be damned, we’ve come up with a fool proof way to (gently) remove even the heaviest duty of Halloween makeup looks.

We know how easy it is to accidentally fall asleep with your makeup on.  But, you don’t want make it a habit.  Sleeping in any kind of makeup is ultimately harmful to the skin. And, listen-up, falling asleep with a full face of Halloween makeup is the absolute worst thing you could do for your skin!  The foundation can cause acne flare-ups.  It could also cause fine lines, if not properly removed.  And, your beautiful, luscious lashes, well, sleeping with your makeup on can be hard on those too. When you sleep in mascara, it could cause your eyelashes to become brittle, break easily and even shed faster.

Oh, let’s not forgot those lips!  Sleeping in lipstick can have many disadvantages too.  Many lipsticks contain drying waxes.  Leaving your favorite shiny gloss or lipstick on overnight can deplete the natural moisture in your lips and can lead to clogged pores around your pucker.

So, now that you know the eerie and goolish reasons why you shouldn’t go to bed tonight with your Halloween makeup on, let’s jump right into the not so scary guide on how to remove your Halloween makeup!

Taking Off Makeup
Photo by: B-D-S Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

Dive in face first with an oil!

Oil Cleansers are notorious for literally melting the makeup off your face without any harsh cleansers or soaps. We recommend massaging your favorite oil on dry skin to immediately break down the layers of foundation, cheap costume store paint, and waterproof liner. Working the oil into dry skin will loosen it and make it easier to remove when its time to rinse. Remember that it’s likely you have layers upon layers of makeup on, so be prepared to spend some time working the cleansing oil into your skin. As you start to see your makeup melt away, begin to gently wipe it off with a damp warm washcloth. Keep applying the oil cleanser and repeating the washcloth step until the bulk of the makeup is removed.

Cleansing Skin
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Hooray! At this point, you’ve removed the most resilient parts of your Halloween look. Now it’s time to purify your skin of the sweat, bacteria, and grime that festered underneath. Cleanse with a purifying gel cleanser to get rid of any oil-cleansing residue and give skin a deep clean. Depending on how much makeup is leftover from our first step, you might want to cleanse twice here.

Photo by: B-D-S Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

Purify & Restore!

Congratulations! Your Halloween makeup should be removed at this point – it’s time to recuperate from everything you just put your skin through. We love a gentle non-drying clay mask for this to restore skin’s balance, purify pores, and hydrate it at the same time. Once you’ve removed the clay mask, you’ll be ready to replenish and moisturize your skin. A soothing layer of rich moisturizer, a cooling essence-soaked sheet mask, or a creamy gel mask are all great options to restoring your skin’s moisture levels and bringing it back to normalcy.

Purifying Skin
Photo by: George Rudy/Shutterstock

That’s it! Your spooky makeup looks will but spooky to remove with these handy steps in your arsenal – so have a fun and safe Halloween! Be sure to tag us in your costume posts too, because it’s never too early to start plotting for next year. Cheers!

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