The Makeup Trends to Expect in 2020

Makeup kit scattered across a pink background - pink is expeted to be a trending makeup color in 2020.

From the over-plucked eyebrows of the 90s to the creative Instagram makeup of today, it’s no secret makeup has dramatically changed throughout the years. We’ve seen all colors, shades and styles have their moment in the spotlight, with each year bringing more and more artistic creativity and innovation.

As we begin the new year, be prepared for creative, colorful looks to pop up everywhere. From fun colors to pearls and gems, the makeup industry is about to burst with fun looks this year.

Duo-colored eyeshadow

Woman wearing multiple colors as eyeshadow, one of our predicted makeup trends of 2020.
Photo by marinafrost on Shutterstock

You know that frustrating feeling after doing laundry when you can’t seem to put together two of the same socks? Well, get ready to make the most of it – mismatched eyeshadow will be popping up all over your Instagram explore page in 2020. Get inspired by nature for this fun trend, such as blue and red for fire and ice. This colorful trend can work with complete opposites or similar hues, so step out of your comfort zone and have fun with it!

Colorful eyeliner

Woman wearing colored eyeliner, a predicted makeup trend of 2020.
Photo by Tata Mamai on Shutterstock

All of those years you’ve spent practicing the perfect, sharp, clean liner will now truly come in handy, because colorful eyeliner is the new black. Make your eyes pop with a blue, green or purple liner, bringing more life and youth to your appearance. Add in fun colors, too, especially pastels, as these can work with most neutral looks. If colorful, winged liner isn’t your thing, simply glide some colorful liner on your lower lash line, giving any look a bit more depth.

Pink, everywhere

Pink blush makeup - pink is expected to be a top makeup trend in 2020.
Photo by Chursina Viktoriia on Shutterstock

While pink seems common in theory, how often do you actually put on a true pink blush, lipstick or shadow? Most pink shades are now mauve, rose or peach, but in 2020, expect a classic pink to take the lead. Don’t shy away from a Barbie-esque blush, applying it all over the high points of your face, not just the apples of your cheeks. Create a monochromatic look with pink eyeliner, eyeshadow, and of course, a bright pink lip to complete the look.

Colorful mascara

Woman wearing red eyeliner - colored eyeliner is expected to be a makeup trend in 2020.
Photo by Imcsike on Shutterstock

If you can’t tell, we’re ditching neutrals in 2020 and going all out with color. Colorful mascara gives you much more control with a look, as it tends to be much more subtle than a bold eyeliner or eyeshadow. As with the trends mentioned above, choosing shades that complement your eye color is a great way to switch things up a bit. You can apply a colorful mascara all over your lashes, just on the outer lashes, or on the lower lash line for a subtle, fun pop.


Gems carefully placed on a person's eyelid - gem additions to makeup is on our list as a 2020 makeup trend.
Photo by BLACKDAY on Shutterstock

With shows like Euphoria giving makeup lovers major inspiration, it’s no surprise gems will be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2020. Pearls, diamonds and more will go beyond jewelry and meet the world of makeup. Decorate your eyelids, including eyeliner, with fake gems for a chic, artistic look. If you’re feeling extra creative, then add gems all over the high points of your face to accent highlighter.

2020 is about to be a year of colorful, artistic makeup no one has seen before. Use this new year to step out of your beauty comfort zone and try these fun beauty trends.

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