The Importance of Daily Affirmations

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When stress and anxieties begin overwhelming your mind, you can find yourself struggling to feel strong and at peace. These thoughts can lead to you feeling drained, depressed, and insecure. The way you regularly think directly impacts how you live your daily life, which is why it’s crucial to stress an intentional, uplifting thought process.

One way to ensure your thoughts, words, and actions are mindful and positive is by practicing daily affirmations. An affirmation is a form of emotional support and encouragement, speaking life over your daily actions. Affirmations work to strengthen our minds, pouring over into our lives. When you manifest positive statements, they truly begin to set in and become your reality.

Just as you might practice yoga or meditation on a daily basis to give your mind a sense of peace, practicing daily affirmations has that same soothing, yet empowering, effect. If you have something you’ve been dreaming of doing, a goal you’re trying to meet, or simply need a little extra self-love in your life, then manifesting them through daily affirmations will provide amazing results. When you practice these daily, you are empowering yourself to take the necessary action needed to make these dreams your reality.

Woman meditating on a light purple yoga mat - practice affirmations in a quiet room just as you would yoga.
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To practice daily affirmations, first treat it as you would yoga or meditation. Get in a quiet, clean atmosphere and close your eyes. For a few minutes, focus on clearing your mind, focusing only on your breathing and resting in whatever space you may find yourself. Then, look yourself in the mirror and prepare your statements. Once you have them ready in your mind, say them out loud, ensuring you are saying each statement slowly and clearly. You want to truly cling to each word, believing in your statement wholeheartedly. Finally, repeat these statements for a set number of times, then power on into your day.

If you need some affirmations to get you started, consider adding these to your daily routine.


I am beautiful.
I am radiant.
My skin is radiant.
I am glowing.
My skin is smooth and beautiful.
My hair is smooth and beautiful.
My body is beautiful.
My body is worthy.
I carry myself well.
My smile is contagious.
My smile is beautiful.
I deserve to take care of myself.
I am worthy of self-care.
I love myself.
I love my body.


My mind is at peace.
I am bigger than my fears.
I am strong.
I am capable.
My mind is calm and positive.
I choose joy.
I choose peace.
I will overcome this.
I am centered.
I can accomplish anything.
I will find peace when stressed.
I will let go of what I can’t control.
My thoughts are calm.
I am thankful for what I have.


I am successful.
I am worthy of success.
I am prosperous.
I will be prosperous.
I am a hardworker.
My dreams are coming true.
My dreams will come true.
I am worthy of my dreams.

With these daily affirmations in mind and close to heart, you will soon find yourself feeling much more confident, motivated, strong, and empowered.

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