The Fall Fashion Trends We’re Dying to Try

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

You know the drill. When the seasons change, so do our wardrobes – and we’re particularly excited about the threads the fall season will bring. From the sparkling metallic glam of the disco ball of the 70’s, the return of the shoulder pads and animal print fashion from the 80’s, and the colorful elevated plaid and leather making a comeback from the 90’s, this year’s fall fashion trend is full of throwbacks, pops of colour, shimmer and style. After our fair share of runway scouting, we’ve drafted a full report of our favorite, wearable trends you’ll want to sport this fall season.

Fall 2018 Leopard Print
Photos by Suvorov_Alex and javi_indy/Shutterstock

Animal Prints

Polarizing as they may be, it seems like the tides will be turning towards various animal prints this season. The timeless neutral leopard print is being joined by snake skin, zebra and other jungle inspired prints. Sounds scary, we know – but when it works, it works. If animal prints are uncharted territory for you, we recommend starting with a classic leopard print. We find these work best in a pair ankle boots, heels, flats or an evening clutch. And, if you’re loving this fashion trend, we kindly ask that if you’re wearing animal print fur, please purchase faux fur.

Fall 2018 Pink Outfits
Photos by: garetsworkshop and Svyatoslava Vladzimirska/Shutterstock

Fuchsia or Hot Pink

When the dreary fall and winter skies have you feeling drab, that fuchsia or hot pink will be the shade to pick you back up again and give your look a bright and fashion forward lift. We especially love looks that incorporate the shade from head to toe, for something that’s feminine but daring all at the same time. If you’re a member of the anti-color camp, we challenge you to work this hue into your outfits this season – because this bold shade is the ultimate mood enhancer.

Fall Futuristic Outfits
Photos by: Julian Dufort/unsplash and LightField Studios/Shuttershock

Future Fabrics

Sci-fi is making an unexpected but playful resurgence this season in the form of futuristic fabrics like iridescent, metallic prints, and transparent plastic, and sleek, cool silhouettes. While this trend can be a little intimidating at first, we love how practical it can be. Opt for a transparent raincoat or anorak for a chic but highly functional look that won’t take away from our outfit underneath. Iridescent prints are also easy to incorporate via your accessories – a high shine iridescent tote or clutch is our preferred way to bring some future vibes into our look.

It seems that with each passing season, fashion gets bolder and more adventurous – and quite frankly, we can’t get enough. If any of the aforementioned trends brings the slightest glimmer to your eye, let us be the voice that gives you the final push of encouragement to dive into something new. We promise you’ll look and feel good doing it.

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