The Beauty & Health Benefits of a Cool Shower

Woman in the shower with her face towards the oncoming water, wet hair, cold water.

Have you ever hopped into an already steaming shower, then decided it just wasn’t warm enough? Sometimes, nothing feels better than a piping hot shower. It’s the perfect spa treatment after a hot day, and the perfect, warm comfort when it’s extra cold. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. Taking hot showers, especially for long periods of time, can do way more damage to your skin than good.

As crushing as this might sound, there is a solution. Hear me out: take a cool shower. No one’s saying take an ice bath or dramatically deprive yourself of some comforting, warm water. For the bulk of your shower, just try to keep it on the cool side. Not only is this going to save you from using excess hot water, but it’s also going to work wonders on your hair, skin, and mind.  Keep reading to learn why it might be time for you to try a cooler shower.

Great for itchy, sensitive skin

Is the dry air getting to you? Or maybe you’re constantly dealing with eczema. If you can’t stop scratching, a cool shower is a great option for you. Hot water only causes further inflammation to irritated skin, but cool water will prevent your urge to itch while providing relief, too. Enjoy the sense of relief and lather up with your favorite lotion after for the ultimate, soothing experience.

Promotes shiny hair

If you have damaged or color-treated hair, at least turn the water to cool as you wash and rinse. Cool water reduces the loss of natural oils on your hair. This keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, giving you a leg up on those humid days. Cool water is also known to strengthen your hair and give it that extra bit of shine, making it well-worth the 30 seconds of cold.

Post-workout relief

After an intense workout, a cool shower is just what your body needs to relax. Cold water has regenerative properties, deeply soothing your muscles. Many athletes or professional trainers take ice baths after exercising, so this method is a favorite of many.

Increases focus

If a warm shower at night is perfect for relaxation, then a cool shower in the morning is the perfect way to prep for a big day. Cold showers make you feel much more alert, so combined with energizing aromatherapy, you’ll be ready to take on the day.

Tightens skin

Looking for a budget-friendly firming treatment? A cool shower has your back, and the rest of your body! Cold showers tighten your skin and pores, promoting a youthful, firm, healthy glow.

Drains lymphatic system

Do you just love the skin-enhancing effects of jade rolling? Jade rolling and cold showers have something in common: they both work to drain your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system carries out waste from cells, preventing infections.

If you’re wanting firm skin, healthy hair, and better clarity, then a cool shower might be the perfect fit for you. If you’re looking for other ways to up your shower game, make sure to check out how to turn your bathroom into a personal spa.

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