The 5 Kitchen Essentials You Need While Social Distancing

A modernized white kitchen with a black stove center piece - look to add our top essential items to your kitchen.

As we shift our daily routines to practice social distancing, our kitchen becomes our new best friend. Whether you’re in and out for snacks (or that third cup of coffee) or just ready to prep dinner, it helps to have all the essentials. Things you might not have even factored into your daily routine are now items you feel you might just not survive without. That perfectly frothed latte from your favorite coffee shop, that post-workout smoothie bar, or even the occasional soda as a treat now need to be substituted from home.

Thankfully, many of your favorite treats can easily be made at home, with the added bonus of saving you money along the way. With the right tools, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing time or quality, either. To enjoy your favorite food and drinks from home, consider these life-changing kitchen essentials.

An espresso coffee maker - add a coffee maker to your kitchen and avoid paying extra at a coffee shop.
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Coffee Maker

These days, it’s pretty rare to find a kitchen without a coffee maker of some kind. The key for making it a real treat, though, is buying a coffee maker you’ll love – and actually use regularly. If you live alone, and are often on the go, it might not make economic sense to buy a standard coffee pot. Most of that coffee simply goes to waste, so consider a single-serve coffee maker, instead. This allows you to simply put in a pod and choose a size, whatever is best for you. This method is quick, simple and economical. If you’re concerned about the sustainability of a single-serve coffee maker, you can add your own coffee grounds to a reusable pod, reducing the waste. If you have a little more time in the mornings, you could even use a drip coffee maker, letting it drip as you get ready for the day. You won’t even miss those $5 lattes as you say hello to blissful, cheaper mornings.

An eletric mik frother next to a pink mug sitting on a wood board - a milk frother is a great kitchen essential for morning coffee.
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Milk Frother

If you’ve been avoiding making coffee at home because it just isn’t as luxe as your favorite shop’s handcrafted latte or cappuccino, look no further than a milk frother. Achieve your favorite foam by simply frothing your milk of choice, right from home. This can be achieved from a handheld milk frother or an electric, plug-in version. Regardless of choice, you can create the same beautiful foam you would get from going out.

Mason jar surrounded and filled with vegan food options - mason jars are valuable in the kitchen to save unused ingredients.
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Mason Jars

A staple in the South, mason jars are extremely flexible in the kitchen. First, they make beautiful, unique glasses when serving beverages. You don’t have to limit mason jars to beverages, though. Save money on a variety of foods, such as salads, smoothie bowls, poke bowls, overnight oats and more by making and serving them in mason jars. You can store many of these foods in mason jars in the fridge, giving you food to come home or wake up to. Finally, complete your luxury coffee experience by making your own simple syrups at home and storing them in mason jars.

Soda Maker

An initial splurge, soda makers can save you a lot of money when looking for long-term savings. Soda makers are extremely flexible, creating a wide variety of drinks based on how you choose to customize it. Soda makers can create homemade sodas and seltzers, letting you choose the flavors and blends. This is a particularly worthy investment if you are trying to cut back on artificial sugars, as you control exactly what goes into these homemade drinks. Hop onto the CBD beverage trend by creating your very CBD seltzer right at home.

Slow cooker sitting on white table with a pink background - add a slow cooker to your kitchen as they can make cooking easy.
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Slow Cooker

If ordering in is your weakness, a slow cooker might be the perfect investment for you. Key word being slow, you don’t have to worry about carving out a ton of time from your busy schedule. Perfect for beginners, all you have to do is toss in chosen ingredients and let the meal cook itself throughout the day. Most slow cookers have an option to keep the food warm throughout the day, giving you a hot meal at the end of the day, little effort or money required.

With these kitchen essentials, you can still enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite coffee, drinks and meals. As we all adjust to staying home, these kitchen must-haves will help ease the transition of missing your favorite treats.

Note: To support local businesses from home, consider purchasing gift cards for later use, engaging more on social media, and referring them to friends. We are all in this together!

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