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Woman holding a batch of mushrooms - there are several beauty benefits to adding mushrooms in your diet.

Mushrooms are one of those “love them or hate them” foods. Delicious with burgers, pasta, salads, and so much more, mushrooms are just so unique. Whether you love or hate the taste of mushrooms, you’re in for a treat. Yes, you read that right! You’re going to fall in love with mushrooms one way or […]

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Bakuchiol skin care cream with raw seeds on pink background.

Despite Bakuchiol’s increase in skincare products, many consumers still don’t know exactly what it is, or how to say it. Pronounced “buh-koo-chee-all” or “back-uh-heel,” this skincare ingredient is known as nature’s retinol.  Bakuchiol has been making its way toward mainstream beauty since the 1970s, but with the rise in demand for natural beauty, bakuchiol is […]

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