Spring Nail Trends to Try at Home

Woman giving herself a manicure while in a bath robe - try these different nail styles while stuck at home.

If you have some down time at home, you’re likely stalking all of the latest beauty trends and figuring out what you can change up a bit. Before you grab the scissors and hair dye, consider some beauty trends that are a bit more temporary. One of the best ways to experiment with beauty, right from home, is playing around with different nail colors and patterns. If it doesn’t look good, don’t worry – no one will see them! With so many colors and styles to choose from, you truly can’t go wrong with giving yourself a chic, unique manicure.

Whether you love a minimalist nail or a full rainbow, keep reading to find the spring nail trends you can try right from home.

Woman with different colored nails - try a skittle nail pattern while no one is watching and see if it works for you!
Photo by Efetova Anna on Shutterstock

Skittles Nails

Want to try nail art, but need something that takes little to no effort? Try skittles nails, the trend that sounds much more complex than it truly is. Essentially, skittles nails are simply painting each of your nails a different color. Some like to paint the full rainbow on their fingers, giving each nail a vibrant pop. Others, though, prefer to stick to the same color family. Consider soft, pastel colors that just scream “spring,” such as a light blue, yellow, pink, and mint. No matter how you choose your color scheme, you can’t go wrong with skittles nails.

Showing off a manicure, pink, silver, and zebra nails - checkout animal print styles for your next nail pattern!
Photo by TroobaDoor on Shutterstock

Animal Print

From the fashion world to nail art, animal print has truly reigned for some time now. First it was leopard, then snakeskin, and now, believe it or not, cow. Cow prints are popping up everywhere, including your next nail look! Simply paint your nails white, adding black blobs of different shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you could paint your nails black, following the same pattern with white blobs. This animal print is much more beginner-friendly, as you don’t have to be precise with any of the patterns. If you’re a skilled artist, though, give your best shot as whatever other animal print is calling your name.

Woman with half moon manicure on top of silver sparkling dress - half moon nails leave out the bottom of the nail or uses a different color.
Photo by Luba V Nel on Shutterstock

Half Moons

Grown out nails, but make it chic. The half moon design is fairly simple, as all you have to do is leave off the bottom part of your nail. You can do this by either avoiding the bottom in a half moon shape, or tracing half a circle to flawlessly achieve this look. This trend pairs well with any color, but if you choose a bold or dark color, it’ll give off more of a color-blocked effect.

A manicure featuring colorful tips - just like a french manicure, but colorful tips uses a color other than white on the tip of the nail.
Photo by Dina Shuba on Shutterstock

Colorful Tips

Did the half moon trend seem interesting, but a bit too complicated for your taste? You can’t go wrong with colorful tips, and you’ll be done in mere minutes. The colorful tips nail trend simply involves painting the tips of your nails, just as you would do a French manicure. Instead of white, though, choose a colorful, bold color to make it really stand out. With little effort required, this will surely be one of the biggest nail trends of spring!

As you wash your hands more and more, you’re definitely due for a spa night in with a luxurious manicure. Follow these spring nail trends to feel glamorous and chic from the comfort of your own home.

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