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Boost Lashes

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In a world of lashes and lovers, it can be hard to choose the perfect lash boost. From mascaras with magical claims to actual magnets, there’s a process for everyone…but there are some things you should know and consider before you get TOO wild and commit to the wrong one for your needs.

Boost Lashes

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False lashes are the most popular and the least permanent option for your eye-opening needs. Attached with an eye-safe adhesive, these take your everyday looks or your special occasions to the next level. They remove easily with a micellar water or gentle cleanser, and can be reused (because we LOVE sustainability!) With false lashes, you have full control over your look. From full and flashy to natural to (literal) individual lashes, you have all of the control and creativity with none of the commitment.

BEST FOR: any beginners, beauty bloggers, or babes with commitment issues–they’re a great starting point. And if your style inspiration is Twiggy (because we’ve all been there), individual falsies have you covered.

Beautiful Lashes Boost

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Magnetic false lashes are probably the most intriguing yet confusing option on the table right now. As you would typically use a coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with your falsies, these use magnets to fuse the two and can be worn for a few days at a time. It’s like lash extensions decided to do a science experiment with magnets…and it kind of worked. You can buy these from classic brands like Ardell, but also get them done professionally at select salons.

BEST FOR: more experienced lash lovers, people who are slowly weaning themselves off makeup, and anyone who thought “What the heck?” when they saw the words “magnetic” and “lashes” written back-to-back.

Best Lashes Boosting

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This is the “your skin but better” option of lash treatments–lash lifts don’t use anything but some curlers and little miracle serums. Most salons offer them as a service, but kits can be purchased so you can do the lift yourself as well. A good lash lift should last you about six weeks, and with the at-home kit you can do touch-ups if you’d like. This is definitely more of a commitment, but overall extremely beneficial and beautiful.

BEST FOR: competition dancers who spend way too much on lashes, people who are averse to having other physical lashes on top of their own, and anyone who needs to subtly show their partner that yes, they can commit to something.

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