Sensitive Skin: A Day in the Life

Applying a daily skincare routing for sensitive skin - finding a gentle cleanser.

Having sensitive skin can be quite the daily struggle. It isn’t just choosing skincare products that won’t lead to breakouts or flare-ups, though that is a major component. Having sensitive skin means having to be highly intentional with many decisions throughout the day, from the clothes you wear to the food you eat. Daily occurrences that some can follow without a thought are not the same for people with sensitive skin.

In light of this, it can help to understand what a day can look like for someone with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, and are looking for better habits to follow, then this could also be insightful for your personal life. It’s important to note that everyone’s skin and lifestyle needs are extremely different, so no two people will have exactly the same day. Still, though, similar habits and concerns are often shared by people with sensitive skin, or even extremely dry skin.

Keep reading to learn more on what a day could look like for someone with highly sensitive skin.

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When setting up your morning skincare routine, a lot of thought can go into it. While some people aren’t as sensitive to fragranced products, others can instantly break out into hives, face extreme redness, or find themselves with new blemishes later in the day. Because of this, most people with sensitive skin follow a fragrance-free skincare routine, only using natural fragrances. A gentle cleanser is an absolute must, as a more aggressive cleanser can lead to further irritation. Before applying makeup, it’s crucial to soothe and hydrate your skin with a lightweight, gentle moisturizer and sunscreen.

Once it’s time for makeup, the same problems can occur. Factors like fragrance, glitters, pigments, and even consistency can make all the difference for someone with sensitive skin. While there are, of course, full-face options available, many people with sensitive skin might opt for a lighter base that they know they can trust. In many cases, extensive research will go into the products in their makeup routine to ensure there won’t be any surprise irritation.

Once it’s breakfast time, more decisions have to be made. Of course, a donut or some pancakes are an amazing treat. For sensitive skin, though, inflammatory, high-sugar foods can lead to flare-ups and blemishes. This can range from a few chin pimples to a painful eczema flare. Whole foods that are nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory, and low in processed sugars are the safest option to fuel your body for the day.

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Throughout the day

Some people with sensitive skin can really struggle when choosing what to wear. That one sweater can lead to irritation, just as that one new necklace sitting on the shelf. Many fabrics and accessories can be a hit or miss for sensitive skin, leading to a lot of trial and error.

When lunchtime rolls around, it’s the same process as breakfast. For some, it’s ingredients like gluten or dairy that can lead to skin issues. For others, it might not even be a concern. No matter who it is, though, plenty of hydration is crucial to keep your skin healthy and resilient if irritation does occur.

If your skin is feeling a bit tight in the middle of the day, this could be a good time to give it a pick-me-up with a gentle facial mist, bonus points if it has SPF. Sensitive skin is much more susceptible to sun damage, so plenty of sunscreen throughout the day is a must.

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Once your day has come to an end, be sure to fuel yourself with a hearty, healthy dinner. Again, ingredients can vary per person. Following dinner, enjoy a relaxing shower. Showers are certainly a source of concern for many with sensitive skin, as there are many factors. The water temperature doesn’t have to be freezing cold, but too hot will dry out your skin and cause irritation, in many cases. Product choice is also key, as you’ll want to avoid harsh ingredients or too much fragrance.

Finally, the nighttime skincare routine for sensitive skin can be a bit tricky. Again, a gentle cleanser is always the best bet. Physical exfoliants can be too abrasive for sensitive skin, but some chemical exfoliants can cause a burning sensation. A gentle AHA exfoliant is typically a safe option for sensitive skin, but experiences can vary. A soothing toner, perhaps using niacinamide, is a great option for nighttime. Finally, finishing with a deeply nourishing night cream can soothe the skin throughout the night.

A day in the life with sensitive skin can look different for everyone, but there is almost always a detailed thought process behind many actions. This provides a glimpse into having sensitive skin, and truly shows the significance of safe, gentle product formulations.

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