Reasons We Love Vodka Tea-Tails

Vodka Bottles in a Line

Listen up Vodka lovers! Today is National Vodka Day, and here’s why we are celebrating!  Whether in our skincare products or in one of our go-to cocktails, Vodka will always be one of our favorite ingredients.

Here’s an interesting fact about Vodka you may not have known while sipping on this martini fave.  It was invented in the middle ages in Eastern Europe  Did you know that this clear beauty wasn’t originally created to pair the so popular pink cosmopolitan, or the other Vodka cocktails we all know and love? Initially, it was used for medical purposes and less for enjoyment.  It wasn’t until years later when it gained its popularity as an alcoholic beverage.  Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Today, centuries from its humble beginnings, there are still benefits to this flavorless, odorless, intoxicating spirit whether used topically or as a liquor. Aside from its ability to take the edge-off of an otherwise less than average day, Vodka does actually boast some health benefits (when consumed responsibly of course). It’s been reported that the liquor relieves stress better than red wine, helps aid digestion, quell fever, great for oral hygiene and awesome for skincare and hair care.  Best of all, Vodka is very low in calories and carbohydrates.  It is sugar-free and waist friendly when drank in moderation.

Vodka Tea Tails

Still not a good enough excuse to indulge in a glass? Enter our favorite vodka tea-tails. Wait . . . There’s Vodka cocktails infused with the soothing benefits of my favorite teas? Sign us up!  Since Vodka is virtually neutral in flavor and odorless, it pairs beautifully with tea.  Tea, which is packed with antioxidants and makes a clean mixer, is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.  Adding Vodka to your tea makes a great clean cocktail.  No wonder why tea-tails are such a hit! Here are a few of our favorite Vodka tea-tail recipes:

The Lime-Hibiscus Martini

The star of this refreshingly floral tea-tail is the Hibiscus tea, which is known for its immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, and blood pressure regulating effects.  Let the tea leaves steep in the vodka to create a floral infusion, then add a dash of lime juice for a touch of acidity.

The Ginger Peach Melba

We’re obsessed with this recipe particularly because it involves another vodka infusion – this time with wholesome but sweet, Ginger Peach tea. For added complexity, the recipe recommends adding a splash of Peach nectar, but we prefer the (healthier) subtle peach flavor the tea provides. If you really can’t resist added flavors, dice up a peach and toss them in!

The Rosemary Thyme Potion

While this Rosemary and Thyme tea-tail from Instyle is a tad more involved in its preparation than the former two recipes, the benefits are oh so worth the effort. With Rooibos tea as its base, this tea-tail is packed with good-for-you antioxidants and electrolytes to keep you feeling in top shape, even while you indulge.

Matcha green tea cocktail

There you have it!  Vodka has some amazing benefits and makes a great tea-tail. Served hot or cold, Vodka infused with these little leaves, herbs and floral buds, will be a hit at your next Sunday brunch, girls gathering, or a nice way to wine down your evening while packing some benefits.  We’ll drink to that!  As always, please drink responsibly.  Cheers!

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