The Polish vs. The Scrub… What’s the Difference?

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Salty or sweet? Shaken or stirred? Is that sugar or salt? These are some of life’s greatest questions. Sugar and salt polishes and scrubs are natural remedies for dry skin and routine exfoliation. But what’s the difference?

If you’re confused about the difference between a body polish and a body scrub, trust me . . .  you’re not alone. Even though they are very similar, the benefits and objectives of a body polish vs. a body scrub are very different. Here’s why:

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What is a body scrub?
A body scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin. It will help leave the skin feeling moisturized, soft and smooth by sloughing off dead skin cells like a body polish and increase the blood circulation in the body. A body scrub is used to reduce the risk of tanning or to help remove a tan.

What is a body polish?
A body polish is a popular treatment for the skin. Think of it as a facial for the body. Although a body polish isn’t used to cleanse the skin, it sloughs away and exfoliates dead skin cells like a body scrub. It is hydrating and will also leave your body moisturized, soft, smooth and supple like a body scrub. But, a body polish goes one step further which is why they are so popular in spas. A body polish is also used to stimulate and generate fresh layers of skin cells. It is used to prepare the body for a spray tan. It will help remove build of oil and dirt buried in the skin pores. Say goodbye to those blackheads! A body polish will also assist the skin with absorbing nourishing moisturizers.

Sugar vs. Salt

Sugar and salt are the two main avenues when choosing a scrub. So which should you choose? As always, that’s a personal preference. But, for sensitive skin or everyday use, sugar is the best recommendation. With smaller, more emollient particles, a sugar-based exfoliant will still get the job done without the risk of being irritating.

For a heavy-duty makeover moment or when you want that dewy glow, go with salt! Since salt has many healing and antiseptic properties, it has great benefits to the skin such as killing bacteria and help reducing inflammation.

Check out our options here:

Salt Emollient Twist Salt Polish: Infused with vodka, this salt-based polish will refine and buff the skin to reveal a refreshed, glowing complexion. Salt crystals used in this formula are ultra-fine and meant to be delicate yet effective on the face and the body!

Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish: Harnessing the power of beer, hops, walnut, and fine sugar crystals, Sweet Hops is sure to bring you the smooth, hydrated skin you’ve been craving. This sugar polish also has skin-soothing properties and protective antioxidants infused in its hand-crafted formula.

Both polishes retail for $40.60 on Cheers!

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