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Romantic hotel in Miami with a View

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When it comes to romantic escapades, there are few places better than Miami. The city is an eclectic blend of lush tropics, booming metropolis, cultural hotspot – making it a go-to spot for honeymooners or couples looking for a change of scenery amidst the lap of luxury. Like any other vacation, planning a romantic getaway can get a little complex, so we’re breaking down the non-negotiable that will make your Miami stay one you and your love will remember. 

Luxe Lodgings

 Arguably the most important part of any vacation, you want your home away from home to reflect the mood and intention of your getaway – because there isn’t anything more mood-killing than hearing the rampant sound of children’s flip flops stampeding down the hallway outside of your room. You’ll definitely want to book a hotel near the beach, of course and we are huge fans of 1 Hotel in South Beach. An eco-lux establishment, the hotel embodies a green approach to life, design and wellness. The opulent interiors are inspired by nature and made from recycled and repurposed materials. Organic cotton sheets, hemp mattresses, cushiony take-home socks instead of disposable slippers, you get the idea. The spot has beach access (a must), a rooftop pool (and three others), and is basically an all-around winner in our eyes.  


When in Miami, you’ve got to get in on the rich cultural landscape – there truly isn’t another option. Whether you’re into music, the arts, or history, there is sure to be something you and your honey will love during your stay. One of our favorite date night ideas is a night at the New World Symphony’s Wall Cast Concert, at the Soundscape Amphitheater. Symphony performances are projected onto the massive amphitheater exterior and visitors set up camp outside and enjoy the famous symphony performance under the moonlight. Take your own bottle of bubbly, a cozy blanket and some snacks, and you’re ready for the most romantic of moonlight picnics.

Dinner with a View

Make the most of your Miami stay by getting a view whenever possible. And when it comes to romantic dining experiences, there’s no topping dinner with a view at Area 31. On the 16th floor of downtown Miami’s Epic Hotel, outdoor dining at Area 31 is a borderline otherworldly experience.  Most of the restaurant’s seafood-centric menu is locally sourced from Fishing Area 31, an eco-friendly fishing spot in the Atlantic that borders Florida’s coast, central America and northern South America combined. Just as delectable as the cuisine on offer, the view on Area 31’s terrace captures the very best of what Miami has to give.

So, there you have it, our must-haves when on a romantic getaway in Miami with your s.o. One last thing? You can’t forget the beach – but we have no doubt that Miami’s gorgeous beaches were a deciding factor in your choosing Miami as your romantic locale. So, whether you spend your days beachside, walk hand in hand along the shore, or catch a sunset (you really should), soak up as much of the sun as you can (safely, with spf) and enjoy making seaside memories with your partner.

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