Our Top 5 Gym Bag Essentials

Women doing yoga poses with their gym essentials.

Any gym-goer knows the importance of a thoughtfully curated gym bag. The perfect gym bag should contain all things necessary to make the transition from gym to work, work to gym, or gym to home, seam and sweat-less.  Whether you’re going to pilates, power yoga, cycle, or could just use a little get-up-and-go inspiration, we know these 5 products are bound to make the whole experience easier.

An Active Set  

Woman wearing her gym essential outfit.
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No shade to any baggy t-shirt wearers who may be reading this, but we find that pilled, oversized “gym shirts” (you know the ones) don’t inspire much confidence during our workouts. And since we can’t afford to feel anything less than fabulous while at the gym, we can’t stress enough the empowering effects of a fitted set of active wear. Outdoor Voices has a range of well-made, stylish, and (most importantly) comfortable kits that are loved by the IB team. Eco-friendly active brand, Girlfriend Collective, also has an extensive range of flatting legging and bra offerings, in a range of unique colors. The best part? They’re made from recycled plastic water bottles.

All-Over Wipes

Woman wiping her face after a gym session.
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It goes without saying that a post-gym shower is the ideal scenario, but if it’s not a viable option for you (no judgment) or you commute home from your gym, you deserve to feel fresh along the way. These Shower Sheets by Yuni are the MVP of any gym bag because they’re convenient for cleansing while on the go, and are large enough to wipe from head to toe quickly and effectively. They clean and deodorize your body in just a few swipes, without the drying alcohol or the irritating chemicals, making them totally worth it.

Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

Woman with curly hair doing planks using gym essentials..
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Shower or not, a majority of us do not have the time or energy to be giving ourselves a full-on blow out after a grueling workout, which is why dry shampoo is non-negotiable. Because most dry shampoos cause uncomfortable on the scalp and dry out our strands over time, we love a powdered non-aerosol variation like this one from Briogeo. The charcoal and witch hazel help soak up oil and purify the scalp, while strand strengthening biotin gives hair a healthy dose of nutrients. The compact packaging and non-aerosol formula also make it easy to travel with.

Deodorant, Duh

Woman doing yoga with her arms up.
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A bit of a no-brainer, we’ll admit but we had to carve a space to gush over this chic Santalum deodorant by Corpus. Natural deodorants can be a bit of a fuss to apply but it doesn’t get any easier than this water-based (non-staining!) stick formula. And unlike other natural deodorants out there, this one actually works. And the Le Labo Santal-reminiscent fragrance of Santalum only makes it more appealing. It earns a special place in our gym bags because it’s a like a perfume (the sandalwood scent is to die for) and deodorant in one beautiful package.

Balancing Face Mist

Woman applying face mist, a gym essential, to her face.
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We love a cooling, rebalancing face mist after a workout to combat the beet-red flush, rehydrate skin, and help you look and feel awake instead of depleted. This Herbivore Jasmine and Green Tea toner does exactly that. Each spray of this skin-soothing mist is a perfect cocktail of redness calming green tea, ginger root, and aloe vera, skin clarifying witch hazel and white willow bark, and hydrating jasmine water.

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