Our Top 3 Happy Hour Spots

Women at Happy Hour

If there’s one thing we love at IB, it’s a Happy Hour. Cocktails are one of our favorite ways to unwind after a trying workday. And, when there’s a discount, they truly can’t get much better.

Since today is National Happy Hour Day and Happy Hours have become a fixture in our cultural fabric, we figured we’d do some digging to find out how they started. Turns out, Happy Hours were said to have originated in 1913 when Navy Seamen organized “semi-weekly smokers.” These meetings were dubbed “happy hours” and prior to that, the term had been used to name a variety of social clubs that held weekly meetings.

So there you have it, a fun factoid to share mid-cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, here are a few of our favorite spots to spend a Happy Hour (or two).

Blue Liquor Bottles
Photo by: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Bar Margot – Atlanta, GA.

Tucked away in a lavish corner of The Four Seasons Hotel, Bar Margot is a lounge that’s as stylish as it is delicious. Between its mid-century modern décor, and its eclectic cocktail menu, Bar Margot maintains a cinematic elegance that elevates “Happy Hour” to its swankiest potential. We recommend the Gin Margot – made with gin, lime cordial, amontillado sherry, and garnished with thai basil, there’s no going wrong.

Pouring Drink into Glass at Bar
Photo by: eatyurvegtables/Shutterstock

Regent Cocktail Club – Miami Beach, FL.

Stepping into the Regent at the Gale Hotel in South Beach is like stepping into the classiest of time machines, whisking you away to the 1950s when speakeasies were all the rage and art deco, leather upholstery, warm dim lighting, and strong classic cocktails were the (gold) standard. We recommend the Black Dahlia – Ketel One, elderflower, blackberry, and a dash of lemon.

Fire on Cocktail
Photo by: Maksim Fesenko/Shutterstock

Burlock – London, UK

Rested in London’s west end, Burlock is one of the largest rum houses in all of United Kingdom, boasting over 200 varieties. Its intimate, yet quirky, ambiance makes it an ideal space for a Happy Hour turned happy evening – colorful neon lights included.  Because no Happy Hour is complete without snacks, Burlock offers a unique menu full of Caribbean and South American fare. When it comes to drinks though, we recommend the bar’s Mojito – made with Bacardi Carta Blanca.

Hope you have a chance to visit one of these favorite spots and have a cocktail (or two) for us while you are there.  Cheers!

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