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San Diego Spa Social

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Some days, a little extra TLC is needed. Whether you are a resident or a visitor in the San Diego area, there is an abundance of great wellness spas for your perfect day off.

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First on our list is The Spa at Rancho Valencia. Rated 5 stars by Forbes, this destination is certainly a prime option to consider. Not only is this one of our favorite spas, but the location also offers a variety of fitness classes and wellness treatments. Whether you’re desiring a relaxing day with some yoga or powerful exercise programs, you are promised top-notch professionals for wellness and fitness alike. Amenities for this spa include a pool, steam room, and sauna. Their luxurious spa menu excites any beauty lover more than any food menu ever could, including enticing treatments such as the the White Diamond, Luminous Lift Facial, Sixth Sense, and Manual Lymph Drainage. Perfect for your honeymoon, bachelorette weekend, or merely a self-care day, The Spa at Rancho Valencia offers the full experience.

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Another San Diego favorite is the Cal-a-Vie health spa. This intimate spa is built to resemble a serena French village. Sitting on 500 acres of private land, this beautiful spa promises to change your life. Your experience at Cal-a-Vie is meant to be completely personalized to fit your own needs. Daily fitness classes are tailored to your personal needs, with very small classes to ensure plentiful attention from your trainor. Spa and salon treatments are also available to aid in relaxing your body and making you both look and feel younger. You also will have access to meals made fresh from the garden, with special tips from the chef so you can go home with a few tricks up your sleeve. Spa treatments include Yon-ka’s hot stone facial, Revel 3D, Micro-current hydro-lift facial, Lavender Honey Wrap, Vibrational tune-up, and many more. Whether you choose to stay for 3, 4, or 7 nights, you are bound to leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

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Our final favorite is the Golden Door Spa, a Japanese-inspired resort. The beautiful bedrooms include a sliding door, providing a view and access to the surrounding Japanese gardens. Golden Door informs you need not pack too much for your stay here, as they provide warm-ups, shorts, t-shirts, terry robes, a yukata, and sandals. Additionally, a Golden Door skincare products, a reusable water bottle, sunscreen and weather-related gear is provided. Personal goals and dietary requests are accommodated daily. With your own private room, you are provided your very own garden deck or patio and daily in-room massages. Focusing on personalization and personal growth, the spa provides up to four sessions with a personal trainer, fitness classes from light to challenging, and a take-home fitness plan. Spa care is, of course, extensive, including 5 skin care sessions, 2 herbal wraps, manicure and pedicure, deep conditioning or a shampoo and finish, and more. With a variety of options for all realms of wellness. Golden Door Spa is sure to make you feel at peace.

No matter where you are from, next time you are in San Diego, treat your body and soul to these luxurious wellness spas.

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