Our 2019 Beauty Forecast

2019 Beauty Forecast

With a new year, comes new beauty products and trends to obsess over – and 2019 doesn’t seem to be disappointing. We love an excuse to refresh our beauty routine here at the IB offices, so we did some trend scouting to see what new innovations, techniques, and trends were on the horizon this year and are over the moon excited about what we found. Read on to see what beauty trends are worth getting excited about in the new year.

Beauty Forecast for 2019
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Less is more in 2019, and we couldn’t be more relieved. While 2018 was rife with “Instagram glam” looks that pulled out all the stops (and the products), we’re overjoyed to be celebrating natural beauty by appreciating minimal, effortless (looking) makeup that doesn’t completely mask who we are, but enhance it. Single shade eye shadow looks, blotted bold lips, and multi-tasking lip and cheek stains will be huge components of the trend and thankfully don’t require an arsenal of products, or a makeup artists’ skill level to achieve.

Glossy 2019 Beauty Forecast
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With effortless makeup in mind, a lacquered lid is an easy way to make an impact without thinking about it too hard – and you probably already have the tools to do it. Tons of prestige beauty brands are releasing their own dedicated eye glosses (see: Suratt BeautyMilk Makeup, Jillian Dempsey), to achieve that dewy eye look that somehow feels natural and editorial at the same time. If you want to take the look for a test drive before shelling out on a dedicated product – try applying a clear lip gloss or balm on the lids to get the editorial glow. Note: creasing is inevitable with this trend, so don’t fight it and have fun with it!

Lashes 2019 Beauty Forecast
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2019 is all about long, fluttery, lashes. Extensions, perms, tints, and serums are all on the table in this year, and we’re not mad at it. Besides, we all know how integral mascara is to looking (and feeling) with it during times when you most definitely are not. And if lash perms or extensions give us one less makeup step to worry about in the morning, we couldn’t possibly argue against them. There are also tons of natural ways to give your lash game a boost without breaking the bank of pricey extensions or buying yet another mascara – try brushing Castor Oil or Aloe Vera Gel through your lashes to instantly add volume and condition lashes!


Eco Friendly 2019 Beauty Forecast
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Conscious beauty is trendy now, and we’re loving it. More and more brands seem to be making the switch to ethical practices – answering the calls of a public that is becoming more socially and environmentally aware than ever before – finally. Whether it be by pledging to be cruelty-free, ditching synthetic ingredients, or opting for refillable packaging to reduce waste, companies are starting to make moves. This trend has led to the rise of high performance natural or “clean” beauty products as consumers (i.e., we) are beginning to demand the look and effectiveness of conventional makeup products, without the toxic ingredients they often come with. If natural, plant-based beauty is something you’ve always been into (which it very well might be, if you’re reading this) – go ahead and pat yourself on the back for this one. Change is happening, and it’s in large part because of YOU!

Are any of these beauty trends news to you? Are there any you’re particularly excited to try? Please let us know on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages!

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