Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Gift box with pink ribbon next to pink flowers - read along to learn about our recommendations for mother's day gifts.

If you aren’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day with mom or that special woman who’s made a difference in your life this year, you might be feeling stumped on what you can do for her. If you’re building the ultimate care package or simply looking for some goodies to be shipped directly to Mom’s door, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for this Mother’s Day.

Keep reading to help build the best care package for Mom this year.

Intoxicating Beauty Beautitini Salt Emollient Twist, an alcohol-infused beauty product sits sideways on a gold and black background.
Beautitini Salt Emollient Twist

Spa Essentials

There’s no better time for your mom to treat herself than the day made just for her! Encourage mom to indulge in some self-care with a variety of beauty treats. This can include hand-picked favorites from head to toe, ranging from hair masks to body scrubs. If your mom needs an uplifting, spa-like treat right from home, gift her the Intoxicating Beauty Salt Emollient Twist, an ultra-hydrating polish that will delicately buff away dry, dead skin cells with the help of nourishing oils, shea butter and ultra-fine salt crystals. Pair it with the Body Rinse on the Rocks for the ultimate bath experience.

Other at-home spa essentials can include face masks, hair masks, candles, and so much more. Match the goodies to the concerns she’s wanting to treat, such as a strengthening hair mask and an anti-aging face mask. Choose a candle or essential oil that will uplift her spirits while calming her mind, too.

Woman reading a book by a window - a book can make for a great Mother's Day gift.
Photo by NinaMalyna on Shutterstock


If your mom loves to read, especially as of late, then spoil her with several new books. You can cater these to her favorite genre or author, or give her something completely new to try. If your mom loves the classics, though, a sentimental gift would be finding a special edition of her favorite read. With some extra time at home, books are a great way to get cozy and escape reality.

Cocktails sit on a table outside - a gift bag full of cocktail ingredrients can make the perfect Mother's day gift.
Photo by thka on Shutterstock

Cocktail Kit

If you normally go out for drinks with your mom, then this is the perfect gift. Put together a mini cocktail kit by sending Mom all the necessary ingredients to make her favorite cocktail. This can be done by bagging individual ingredients (salt, sugar, dried fruit, etc.) along with the bases (syrups, alcohol, juice, etc.). Upon arrival, your mom can easily put together her favorite cocktail, with little to no effort required.

If your mom isn’t a cocktail lover, then treat her to her favorite bottles of wine. You can send these yourself or through a delivery service, or you can go an extra step and purchase a subscription to a wine service.

Single pearl necklace on a white flower bud - some mother's may love jewelry as a gift for Mother's day.
Photo by Tatiana Osipova on Shutterstock


Jewelry can be an extremely sentimental, personal gift, especially when chosen from the heart. Try finding a piece that speaks to you, and directly inspires you. Online jewelry store GLDN offers many heartwarming pieces, with many unique designs. If your mom is a classic at heart, she’ll love the Pleine Lune Necklace, a beautiful piece with a single pearl. If you want to treat Mom to some flowers, but don’t want them to die, then hand-pick her favorite bloom from the Flora collection. With thoughtful pieces like these, you’ll certainly make Mother’s Day memorable.

Mother’s Day from home can still be a loving, happy time. With these gifts, you can spoil your mom just as she deserves, even from a distance.

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