Mindful Habits for a Better Morning

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If you aren’t naturally a morning person, then waking up early can sound like a punishment. Hitting snooze several times and then mindlessly scrolling through social media is an easy habit to follow, but it isn’t the best way to start your day. How you choose to start your day sets the tone for how your day will go, so waking up with mindful habits is vital for starting your day on a positive note.

Mindfulness looks different for everyone. It can come in many forms and practices, so there are many options when looking for mindful techniques. From baby steps to big changes, these mindful habits will carry you through a blissful, intentional day.

Plan your day the night before

Journaling is a great way to dump any and all thoughts and worries on paper, letting that tension leave your mind. Before you get in bed at night, write down your plan for the day. Make a to-do list of all you want to accomplish, whether it be big or small. If you can, try planning your day by the hour or half-hour, holding yourself accountable with your time. This encourages a mindful morning by allowing your mind to not stress the day ahead of you, as you already have it planned.

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Set aside time for yourself

One of the worst possible things you could do in the morning is instantly get to work. Start your day by carving out time to be intentional, no matter what you choose to do. This should be screen-free time, focusing on a journal, devotional, yoga, meditation, or other mindful practices. Taking this calm, quiet time for yourself will allow your mind to wake up, making you far less groggy as you enter the day.

Ignore technology for as long as possible

It’s understandable, when you live a busy life, one of the first things you’ll feel tempted to do in the morning is check your texts, emails, social media, and more. Unfortunately, this begins your day by stressing your mind, already flooding you with anxiety and toxic energy. Set your phone far away from your bed, with only one alarm set, so that you can turn it off then walk away from it. Focus on what is around you, appreciating every sensory detail about your space.

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Make an effort with your breakfast

As indulgent as sugary cereal or donuts can be, they aren’t giving your body the proper nutrition it needs. If you’re short on time, a quick smoothie or oatmeal is a great way to fuel your body, especially when paired with a tall glass of water or a soul-soothing cup of tea. If you have a bit more time, indulge in an extravagant smoothie bowl, topped with all your favorite berries, coconut flakes, chia seeds and more. A small treat, such as an at-home latte can boost your spirits while also boosting your energy, too.

Do something special

If mornings aren’t really your thing, or even if they are, give yourself a reason to be excited when you wake up. Treat yourself by lighting a new, cozy candle, doing a special face mask, trying a new coffee creamer, or anything else “new” that gets you excited in the morning. By giving your mind a reward, you start the day with a positive attitude, preparing yourself for a mindful, joyous day.

Mornings can be rough, especially on those days where all you want to do is stay in bed. Kickstart your day with these mindful habits, though, and you’re set for a great day ahead of you.

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