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Just as your skincare should shift as the seasons change, your makeup should have its own seasonal spotlight, too. Different looks and different products are the key to being on-trend the next few months. This summer, minimalism with a pop is everything. From runway to real life, makeup trends are excitingly doable but still fun enough for your days off. Taking these trends and turning them into

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Monochromatic, bright eyes were a common sight on the runway. Taking your look a step up above neutral, opt for peach tones, cheery orange, or electric blue to give your entire look a pop. The eyes are the key spot to experiment with, because you can use neutral tones everywhere else. As avoiding powders is key for summer, swap your eyeshadow palette for a gel, cream, or liquid shadow. Not only does this give your skin a dewy, glowing effect, but it also prevents cakey shadow and creasing.

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Along with the eyes is eyeliner; this season, it’s all about a colorful wing. If you’re uneasy about covering your entire eyelids with blue shadow, this is the perfect way to play around with new colors. A simple flick of pink, blue, orange, green, or yellow liner adds a personal, fun touch to any look. This is the ideal way to convince others you put in a lot more effort than you actually did, too. The key to this summer swap is ensuring your eyeliner is waterproof, or at least water resistant. This will prevent excess smudging and running down your face on those extra-hot days.

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Summer skin is much more about the skin itself than the makeup. Perhaps the biggest trend this summer is extra, glowing skin. This all begins with the base, so switch out your extra-thick moisturizer for something a bit more lightweight. Add sunscreen, with a minimum of SPF 30, then move onto the fun part. Rather than a full-coverage foundation, make your summer go-to a dewy, tinted moisturizer. If you’re self tanning at home, consider moving up a shade in face products for summer. This mini-morning routine will grace your skin with an irresistible glow all day long.

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Finishing your face this summer is a good bit of bronzer, lightly dusted or blended to give you the sun kissed effect. Rather than below your cheekbones to give you the chiseled effect, try dusting your favorite bronzer on your apples and higher, switching your blush to bronzer. This effect gives you the sun kissed look, burn free. To get the full look, use the bronzer to achieve an almost full face. Use it in your crease, or all over your lids for a romantic, warm vibe. Apply it on your nose and forehead, too, to give yourself that all-over soft warmth. The key is to make the application process light, gentle, and subtle.

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Subtle, easy changes are the key to conquering and owning every summer trend this year. From trying something new with color to applying bronzer in new places, this summer is going to be your skin’s best friend.

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