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If you’re familiar with beer, then it is more than likely you’ve heard of hops – one of the quintessential plant ingredients of your favorite refreshing brews that give it that bitter, zesty flavor. We know beer tastes good, and that too much of it can have you feeling less than – but did you know that the benefits are aplenty when you incorporate its star ingredient in your skin care routine? Here are a few things worth knowing about one of our favorite intoxicating ingredients, Hops.

It’s Anti-Inflammatory

Hops contain Humulone, a bitter acidic chemical compound that has been proven to possess anti-inflammatory qualities. Seeing as inflammation is one of the root causes of your most common skin concerns, you’re going to want to incorporate hops into your skincare lineup.  Hops essential oil is even known to help relieve skin irritations akin to psoriasis, thanks to its calming properties. Its anti-viral components go the extra mile and ward against infection and further irritation, so sensitive skin types should take note.

It’s Skin Smoothing

The wonder plant is packed with even more wonderful phytonutrients that are known to help smooth, soften, and tone the skin. Making the powerhouse ingredient a sought-after addition to face mists, essences and toners in your skincare routine. The herb also helps balance moisture levels in the skin, keeping soft and hydrated while improving its ability to retain the moisture imparted by other products in your routine.

It’s Calming

Did you know that Hops are a natural sedative? Herbalists have been known to craft pillows packed with a blend of hops and lavender to help aid in relaxation and improve sleep. While we’re not saying incorporating hops into your routine will slip you into a deep slumber, products laced with the ingredient work wonders at calming the skin, boosting your Zen, and getting you ready for bedtime.

It Promotes Hormone Balance

Known as an all-natural hormone regulator, when Hops are incorporated into skincare, even in small degrees, they aid in the promotion of estrogen levels. Which means exactly what you think it means for your skin – an increase in collagen production which keeps your complexion looking bouncy and plump.

Whether you’re looking to calm angry skin, soften lines and texture, or maintain your skin’s bounce and elasticity, your skin care regimen will find hope in hops. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming hops-centric range that will bring your skin the best of what this wonder flower has to offer.

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