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Natural Fragrance

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These days, coming across a product without a fragrance is a rarity, and the one’s without are generally less exciting to use, if we’re being honest. You may have chosen to forego fragrance in your products due to sensitive skin that’s easily irritated by the synthetic scents that are out there – we understand. Synthetic fragrances and the compounds used to create them, petrochemicals, phthalates, alcohol, parabens, solvents, artificial dyes, are all known to agitate sensitive skin types. We also know what it’s like to have irritable skin but still want to enjoy your products and the scent they carry – Intoxicating Beauty’s founder and original skincare mixologist, Teresa Norvell, dealt with her fair share of eczema flare-ups before committing herself to developing an natural, non-irritating solution to scents in skincare. Teresa’s own experiences, along with those of her peers, inspired Intoxicating Beauty’s mission to craft certified natural fragrances for our products that are suitable for even the most temperamental of complexions.

Here at Intoxicating Beauty, we believe our skincare routines should be all encompassing sensory experience. Call us excessive, but we want to be transported when we’re applying our serums, to close our eyes while applying our night cream and relish in the magic of the moment – the decadent, sumptuous textures, and yes – the beautiful, calming fragrance. Because when done right, we believe natural fragrances can make the difference between an okay product and one that’s genuinely a pleasure to use. A well-done fragrance has the power to help us relive memories and evoke feelings of calm, clarity and confidence.

When creating our lines of Sake, Wine, Vodka and Craft Brew inspired products, we wanted the fragrances to be as intoxicatingly good as the luxuriously wholesome, clean ingredients. Which is why we sought out the healing fragrant powers of essential oils and other natural ingredients. Together our team of skincare chemists and sophisticated perfumers, worked to extract the very best skin loving components from an array of plants, leaves, flowers, roots and fruit to naturally craft unique fragrance blends that would please your senses without infuriating your skin.

With aromatic blends that range from fresh and vibrant, to elegant and delicate – the clean, natural scents of our products are sure to conjure up memories of good times and better feelings. Not only do they have the power to transport us to better times, but they make your skincare routine out to be something more than a begrudging chore – they make it an all round sensory treat. What’s more, our unique, signature, natural fragrances are created by perfumers we work closely with in developing.  They are hand selected to give you an experience that’s incomparable in its ability to make you feel as luxurious and good-for-you as the products are themselves.  Cheers to natural beauty!

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