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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Personal Spa

Woman relaxing in a bath tub.

Nothing quite beats a relaxing shower or bath at the end of a long day, it’s a state of bliss. An extra treat for yourself is always appreciated, and the bathroom can be easily transformed into your own peaceful, soul-soothing spa. With just a few simple tricks and trades, your bathroom will go from the most standard room in your home to the most luxurious.

Eucalyptus laying on top of whie towels.
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Add Some Greenery

Bringing a bit of life into your bathroom not only improves the air quality, but it also improves your mental health. Tending to plants and flowers has been proven to relieve anxiety, stress, and even lower blood pressure. This routine also keeps you away from the screen for a bit longer each day, eliminating additional stress. Surrounding yourself with aesthetically-pleasing greenery, whether it’s a big plant or succulents, calms your mind and boosts your mood. A wonderful option is hanging eucalyptus in your shower. Eucalyptus in your shower is the best way to care for a plant while caring for yourself, as all it needs is the bit of water and mist from your shower to stay healthy for months. The steam from the shower will release the essential oils, putting you in a relaxed, calm, de-stressed state. Available at most grocery stores or plant shops, this trick is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to treat yourself.

Give Your Products a Boost

Some mornings and nights, you want to get straight to the point with a quick body wash, maybe washing your hair. It’s important, though, to truly set aside some time for yourself a few times a week to truly indulge in your bath or shower time. Add a few delicacies to your routine, like a deep-conditioning hair mask, a renewing body scrub, and a luxurious body cream. Your bathroom will smell like a dream, and your skin will feel like one, too. In the shower, opt for an invigorating body wash, like our very own Body Rinse on the Rocks. This body wash is made from vodka, aloe leaf juice, and lime oil for the perfect blend. As delightful a shower or bath can be, too much warm water can dry out your skin. To ensure you meet the sheets with soft, hydrated skin, indulge yourself with the Intoxicating Beauty Craft Body Brew. Made with beer extract and hops extract, your skin will be maximally hydrated. 

Lit white candle in a white themed room.
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Set the Mood

Candles are always a beautiful touch for self-care. From the soft glow to the calming scents, candles are an easy addition to your bathroom. No spa is complete without them! To truly transform your bathroom, pick a candle that is more than just a candle. Whether for yourself or to share with someone else, a massage candle is a unique, sensual treat. DedCool’s Massage Candle 01 “Taunt” is made with notes of bergamot, fresh dew, amber, and vanilla. Enjoy the scent of the candle, blow it out, let it cool, then gently massage the oils onto yourself or someone else to enjoy hydrating benefits. Another massage candle option is Maude’s Burn Massage Candle No. 1. Made with notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and medjool date, this is the perfect scent for your peaceful night in.

Surrounding yourself with luxurious, calming treats is one of the best ways to take care of yourself, morning or night. Turning your bathroom into a personal spa is only a few steps away with these simple tricks and trades.

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