How to Travel the World from Home Amidst Travel Restrictions

Italian flag on a pin on button, tomatoes, green leaves, and pasta.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions or general anxiety stemming from COVID-19 put a halt to a lot of travel plans. This could include your wedding, girls’ trip, graduation trip, or any other plans you had to travel. It is perfectly understandable to grieve the loss of these experiences, especially in a time of uncertainty.

With a little bit of creativity, though, you can still enjoy traveling the world – no passport required. Without having to leave the comfort of your home (or go far, at least!), you can travel wherever in the world you’d like to go. All you need is a little imagination to put together an experience to remember. Grab your family or roommates for this one, because who wants to travel the world alone?

Keep reading to get all the inspiration you need to “visit” the countries of your dreams – right from your living room.

Pick a location

First and foremost, you have to pick where you want to go. Maybe you can’t get Mamma Mia out of your head, and you want to use this opportunity to finally experience Greece. Maybe you’ve been craving pasta for days now, and a trip to Italy is long overdue. No matter where you choose to travel, pick a spot that you know you’ll love to bring to your own home. Get creative with your choice, as this will make the experience all the more fun and enriching.

Woman making notes while looking at her phone and a map.
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Do some research

What’s the fun in traveling if you’re just going to eat a meal then go home? Do some deep-dive research into the country of your choice. All of those fun-facts from your tour guide that you’re bound to forget by the end of the day? Learn them! You never know when you can pull out one of those at a party. Educating yourself more on the culture and history of your country of choice will help you appreciate the experience even more. If you love party planning and decorating, this step is especially helpful for setting the scene.

Set the scene

Speaking of setting the scene, don’t be afraid to go all out with it! Add some florals and greenery (real or fake) throughout your home, matching the aesthetic and culture of your chosen country. Order some mini flag banners to hang from the ceiling, tea lights to set the mood, and whatever other details will truly help you feel like you’re actually there. If you have a smart TV, you can even find a Youtube video of street views, sunsets, or other ambient scenes from your destination to help you feel thousands of miles away. This is your chance to truly get creative, so be as extra as your heart desires.

Woman listening to music while on the floor drinking wine.
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Make a playlist

What’s a fancy meal without some tunes? A quick search on any streaming platform will help you find the perfect playlist to fit the theme of your location, whether it be the top charts or restaurant-appropriate instrumentals. Keep this going softly in the background to get a taste of something new as you chat with your loved ones.

Make a menu

Perhaps the most exciting part of travel is the food. For this step, try to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re visiting Italy, maybe don’t get takeout from Olive Garden or Pizza Hut, but rather a local Italian restaurant. The same concept applies to any travel destination – supporting local is always your best choice for high-quality, made-with-love meals. If you’re feeling adventurous, though, challenge yourself to make your meal from scratch to get a true appreciation of the taste.

For an extra touch (that will be perfect for social media), hop on Canva or any other template site to put together a menu for the meal. This can include appetizers, side dishes, entrees, desserts, and, of course, drinks. Print it out and save it in a photo album for a memory that will last for years to come.

Women dressed up and drinking champagne at home.
Photo by fizkes

Get dressed up

If you can’t seem to escape the daily wardrobe of sweatpants and slippers, use your travel as a chance to dress up. Put on that dress you’ve been dying to wear and even your favorite pair of heels. Getting dressed up will give you the mental boost you might need right now, and help you feel like you’re truly traveling with your loved one(s). Though traveling from home isn’t the same as hopping on a plane, it can temporarily satisfy the desire for a new experience. Switch things up in your home by getting creative, trying something new, and most importantly, having fun. Safe travels!

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